Wednesday, January 16, 2013

no excuses - awol again

 No excuses - the days roll by and the heat rolls in and then fortunately out. Lots of pleasure from my waterlily this summer - the little purple one - it is flowering two at a time. I love looking into them because the eucalyptus trees reflect in the water - there are two buds all ready to open up tomorrow and about 6 more waiting in line. I think we have had about 10 so far. Last year it was errant and not a flower - this year the other one is having a holiday. I talk to them severely from time to time.

I have been working on several projects for several different end results - this is part of some work I am doing using cocoon strippings - all will be revealed before too long.

 And I am also working on some new work under my favourite theme of Kimberley Dreaming - again watch this space on this one.

 And more playing with the Opulence paints - this is Triesse and Blanche - not so easy to show in a photo but great.

 and the marvellous metallics

 and the earth elements - these different sets should be on the website pretty soon in special sets - I am also working furiously on the notes I am writing for them -I think we all need suggestions for use other than just opening the jar and putting a brush inside. I have loads of ideas to go in each set.
The other night we went to Les Mis and for fear of being shot down in flames, we thought it went on and on like a Beethoven Symphony or an Wagnerian Opera. We didn't walk out though and stuck it to the end. I thought the singing was pretty awful in places - the songs are very difficult to sing as they have such a range and poor Rusty had a few problems - I did keep hoping he would fall in the water sooner than he did. And anyway he looked incredibly like Piru Weepu at times so we were expecting a few rugby goals to be kicked. Yes I am being frivolous and I wonder what the other lead actors have been like seeing that Hugh Jackman won the Golden Globe award (thanks Internet police). I thought his acting was great but his singing... The opening scene was fantastic and set a standard. Photo shots brilliant. Now shoot me down in flames.

Apart from all of that, I have been busy packaging, counting, ordering and all those things you must do. I got Ian to help me count one of our thread types and he is busy thinking of a better way to deal with them. Excellent.
QA#61 arrived this morning - we have sent them all out with a few left over if anyone is wanting a copy.
I am working on ideas for the Perth show in August and have so far gathered some wonderful artists from all over the globe to participate in an exhibition. It will be worth coming just for that. But I am also working on other activities as well. Check out the tab at the top of the blog from time to time. I have a challenge coming up but am working on that.
I have started swimming again now that the Beatty Park swimming pool is reopen - the seats etc look the same but I think there are more lanes. Started with 10 laps and up to 14 so working my way back to 20 and then a bit faster. I do love swimming - it is so refreshing and you can plan your entire day while you trudge up and down. I met a lady one day who gave me a list of boutiques she thought I should be buying my clothes from Amazing. I only had togs on..... Fortunately I haven't seen her again.
Off to sort the bbq - yes it is raining a bit but we are happy. Harley is not - she does not like the vacuum cleaner, rain, cold, lightning or thunder.


Heather said...

I envy you your water lilies - they are such beautiful plants. I have to make do with common old kingcups but they are so cheerful.
Love the look of your projects and looking forward to seeing more of them.
The frost hasn't left the garden and roof all day and we may be in for snow this weekend - many parts of the UK already have some. Hope I get the week's shopping done first. At least it is dry.

Anonymous said...

Plants and flowers can brighten up our day. Fresh blooms are even greater for they can bring about a broad smile onto everyone"s face. Both my husband and I enjoy
gardening....its very relaxing and productive. Wishing you a happy day!!!


Lexa said...

I read Les Mis when I was 16 and thought it great, therefore have no interest in seeing anyone sing it. Can't even imagine.
Envy you the flowers right now although I think the greenhouse tulips are in.

jackie said...

Re Les Mis: I saw it on stage in London and it was incredible. The seat was broken down and I thought this is the 'pits' but when it started I lost all sense of time and never thought about the seat again. My all time favourite, but I have not seen the film yet, which I am sure is a poor comparison.


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