Thursday, July 25, 2013

where does time go to?

 This isn't a recent photo at all but Patricia sent us a photo of Harley waiting on Ian's pillow looking forlornly out of the window - her all day food supply was on hold while we were away although she doesn't look any thinner for the experience of two meals a day.

We had a good time in Adelaide - lots of lovely people and lots of lovely restaurants. We took all day to get home on Monday though because the pilot called in sick and they couldn't find another one for 12 hours so I asked and got return tax fares into town for a long lunch - thanks to the Virgin staff. The weather was pretty bad and our umbrellas were in the suitcases but never mind.

 Our boxes came back with TNT at lightning speed and I have now unpacked all I need and they can go to the show next week. So - good and bad.

 I have heaps of wonderful hand dyed silk laps here waiting for me to package them. This is Arabian Nights. I am not sure if I am going to get them all done before next week though.

Lots of jobs on my list including packaging all the Corriedale wool. Of course I ran out of bags and am waiting for more. It puts you out of schedule really. My assistant has had to climb over and through boxes to get to her food so she was supervising.

 Totally out of order but here we are just finishing the packing up at the show. All the colour we took was back in the boxes and it was cold and dreary and we were seeing red wine glasses in front of our eyes.

Today these luscious recycled silk thrums arrived. Many kilos of them - all slightly different colours.
As well - the work for the Artful Journey exhibition has been arriving - going to be so fabulous. All that needs is for me to finish my piece. Hand stitching can take quite a while you know.

I have added another new club - SSS&P club (stamp, stencil, spray and paint) and already it has had a good response. I am enjoying gathering and writing for these clubs.

and finally - another picture of you know who which appeared here with my photos. She is happy to see us back but I do wish she wouldn't snore under my desk when I am working,

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sat night

From the sublime to the ridiculous - the room we had night one was pretty bad and not what we had booked according to the print out and the check in staff were as slack as so next morning Ian chatted to the manager and they moved us - we needed a telescope to see the whole room - so rather an improvement. But this hotel is pretty slack but I won't mention how we finally scored breakfast. You do have to be on your toes these days!

We have had two good days and enjoyed a great Crusader win over the Reds - we had to hurry back to watch it.
Last night we went to Press - great night - tonight we are off to Concubine
All be over before we know it

Patricia has sent us a picture of Harley - rather put out and sitting in our bedroom window no doubt demanding food.....

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Safe and sound in Adelaide - not such a good checkin at the hotel but after complaining this morning we have been upgraded to a very nice room indeed so no more whinging amongst ourselves
For breakfast we went to a very nice place - Paddy's Lantern - here are Ian's eggs with soldiers

Then we went off to set up

Finished very efficiently for us

All the usual baskets and never enough

Some more in a tiny space

All the sprays on display

And finally

And now we are off to dinner - it was pretty wet and wild when we staggered back to the hotel

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Off we go to Adelaide

 Tonight we are off to Adelaide for this show. We had quite a spectacular storm here last night - even tipped the garden chairs over and I had to rescue foam seating from everywhere in the garden. Hopefully it has all gone now and won't follow us to South Australia. Set up tomorrow and hope to see lots of lovely people over the next three days. Plus we have our restaurant outings all sorted... sort of...

The latest Quilting Arts arrived yesterday and I worked hard so that they have all been posted out today. Just got to find some room in the suitcases for some clothes - not looking good so far. Boxes of gelli plates arrived as well so I think some are back pack jobs somehow - I have snuck a few into Ian's backpack which hopefully he won't notice.

 I have been working away off and on with the Inktense Blocks. Very few people seem to have used them beyond the basics so I am hoping to break a bit of new ground - the results will be in Issue 2 of threads.In-fusion. This my new set of 72. So exciting and all those colours. They are not available in Australia yet but hopefully in time for the show in Perth. I just had to have them...

Lots of playing and testing on different surfaces.

You might wonder what this is - another little experiment which seems to have worked but it did take forever to dry. One silk hankie for a start....

Off to try fit some clothes in - to Ian's suitcase....

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday again

Playing with the Inktense blocks and discovering that some ideas you have don't work - this is computer paper and a very wet stencil from another piece which failed but pleased with this one - I sprayed Gossamer Gold Moonshadow Mist over the top -

Another piece worked well

A piece of batik fabric which seemed to have been salted. Did a stencil spray and that improved it quite a bit

Then I used a white inktense block - plenty of potential. When you play and test all sorts of things happen - good and bad but now I have a brain stop so will be back another day. I have done quite a bit if sampling though - this is for my article in Issue 2 of threads.In-fusion

Then I thought I had better get onto my exhibition piece for the show in Perth which is closer than I care to think so I created a background to get me started.

Last weekend of the Super 15 rugby before the elimination stuff - we enjoyed some great rugby - the Hurricanes and the blues both came out to play and then the Force won. It does seem to have gone on and on though - too long a season.

Went to The Audience this week - film of the production. It was excellent - now we don't need to try and go when we are in London.

Going to be a busy few days because we are off to Adelaide on Wednesday evening

Friday, July 12, 2013

It's Friday

It's been a very busy week packing boxes to send to Adelaide. We used to do about 11 shows a year once - if we were to still be doing this our website and our customers would be neglected. I think we are doing much better at things this way. But we had this opportunity to go to Adelaide and thought why not. But I must say I was pleased to see the TNT man take everything away in his van. Now I can get back to working with my Inktense Blocks for the e- mag issue 2

Talking of which I am so delighted with the response - I am chasing a few more numbers in subscribers to reach my next goal so if you are thinking about it do subscribe!

I went for a swim on Tuesday and the water was so cold I have decided to stop swimming until it improves - my bones were cold all day. Apparently the engineers have set the temp too low and they won't turn the boiler on so I shall wait and go walking. I would rather be swimming. On my walk I saw the new Ace Pizza sign

This is the building development happening next to our warehouse. I like seeing the exposure of the building at the back.

Watching good rugby as always - it's the last weekend of the series before the play offs.
Off to the nursery too in the morning before I hop off to the studio

Sunday, July 07, 2013

It's Sunday once again

Today we went for a wander into Perth to check out some if the new developments - quite spectacular they are - all these new restaurants linking parts to other parts. Nothing open on a Sunday though.

All beyond an old church but gee Perth has grown in the time we have been here

The contrast between the old and the new

Central Park
We have had a rugby feat this weekend - Hurricanes Highlanders game was a try fest. Then the Lions vs Wallabies was a bit of a total whitewash. Nuff said but I think it will be goodbye Robbie.

I have been playing with the Studio 490 embossing paste - it's great. I worked it through a stencil

Here's a close up and I sprayed Gossamer Gold Moonshadow Mist over the top. Very pleased with the result.
Today I got the next of our clubs underway - the Stitchy Stitchy Club - great response already - thank you all
Now to watch the tennis final
- posted by Dale

Thursday, July 04, 2013

It's a wee tad cold in Perth

 especially at 7.30am at the swimming pool. This is the inside pool - and I  do not know what the frog is for - but it isn't for me - I am swimming outside where the mist is thick and you can't see much and the pool is as good as empty. Cold too, especially getting in and out. However once you recover it sets you up for the day.

Rather traumatic times here - our operating computer has been getting slower and slower and more miserable by the day so off it went to hospital. They sent it home early and it took a turn for the worse and had to go back into intensive care. So last night we managed to send the newsletter out via my i pad which is only networked - new learning curve once again. We got there though. Plus all the people who subscribed to the e-mag had to wait a wee bit longer for me to send them everything once the computer came back this afternoon. Think we are back to normal - we haven't been able to print either because it is all linked that way. The joys of life.... It means I am behind with my e-mag bulletin but it isn't far away. And now that I can print again I can get back to things which need labels, inserts etc.

This is one of the new pieces of street art on Beaufort Street - Tandem. plenty of interest.

Monday, July 01, 2013

my little labyrinth

 It's the 1st July and I have finally finished my labyrinth piece. here are a few little bits and pieces - lots of hand stitching it would seem.

 Lots of different threads and fabrics and bits and pieces

 And in case no one knows where my labyrinth is....

Just that bit of red here and there

Llooks like one way up and then the other - little stones collected in river beds in the South Island. it's amazing what you bring home in your hand bag - no wonder it weighs a ton. last seen there were 6 lipsticks inside as well and I hardly ever wear lipstick.

and there you go - now I have to get started on my artful journey piece for the exhibition here in Perth at the show in August - there are some lovely works rocking up to my house. I am experimenting with scrim and stuff and having a great time. I shall be sharing my experiments with our e-mag subscribers.

We had a great evening last night and this morning watching the Rugby Seven World Champs. Shame there were few people to see them. Wonderful win to the All Black Men and Women's Sevens teams.

Last night we finally made it to Jamie's Italian Restaurant - I booked so long ago I had nearly forgotten but they remind you. We enjoyed it. Friendly staff -  good food - not expensive.


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