Thursday, July 18, 2013


Safe and sound in Adelaide - not such a good checkin at the hotel but after complaining this morning we have been upgraded to a very nice room indeed so no more whinging amongst ourselves
For breakfast we went to a very nice place - Paddy's Lantern - here are Ian's eggs with soldiers

Then we went off to set up

Finished very efficiently for us

All the usual baskets and never enough

Some more in a tiny space

All the sprays on display

And finally

And now we are off to dinner - it was pretty wet and wild when we staggered back to the hotel


Robin Mac said...

Looks like you took some pretty awful weather with you to Adelaide - the super display you have should lift everybody's spirits. Have a great show. Cheers

Bear said...

Welcome to Adelaide Dale, did ya have to bring this weather with ya though???? Anyway I hope to say hello on Sunday to yas both all going well that is.Have a great Friday and Saturday
Love n hugs Belinda xoxo

Heather said...

Aladdin's Cave! Your customers have treats in store. I love eggy soldiers - enjoy your dinner and sleep well.


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