Friday, July 12, 2013

It's Friday

It's been a very busy week packing boxes to send to Adelaide. We used to do about 11 shows a year once - if we were to still be doing this our website and our customers would be neglected. I think we are doing much better at things this way. But we had this opportunity to go to Adelaide and thought why not. But I must say I was pleased to see the TNT man take everything away in his van. Now I can get back to working with my Inktense Blocks for the e- mag issue 2

Talking of which I am so delighted with the response - I am chasing a few more numbers in subscribers to reach my next goal so if you are thinking about it do subscribe!

I went for a swim on Tuesday and the water was so cold I have decided to stop swimming until it improves - my bones were cold all day. Apparently the engineers have set the temp too low and they won't turn the boiler on so I shall wait and go walking. I would rather be swimming. On my walk I saw the new Ace Pizza sign

This is the building development happening next to our warehouse. I like seeing the exposure of the building at the back.

Watching good rugby as always - it's the last weekend of the series before the play offs.
Off to the nursery too in the morning before I hop off to the studio


Heather said...

Looking forward to the emag bit on Inktense blocks - I don't make as much use of mine as I should.
I learned to swim in an unheated outdoor pool and have never enjoyed it! Sadly, it put me off for life and so many of our indoor pools use too much chlorine. I did bite the bullet and take our children swimming when they were young.
I like the look of that old redbrick building - hope the new development doesn't hide it completely.

Penny said...

Hope I can manage the show, still get very tired so not sure how it will go but John says he will take me, just so long as no one knocks me over! If I dont make it, please know that I will have tried. I like my occasional catch up.

Robin Mac said...

I am looking forward to getting home to read the update for the emag, and Like Heather, I will be interested in the article on inktense blocks, I hardly ever use mine and I should.
I don't blame you for not swimming any more in a cold pool, sounds most uninviting to me. I hope the show in Adelaide goes really well. Cheers


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