Thursday, July 04, 2013

It's a wee tad cold in Perth

 especially at 7.30am at the swimming pool. This is the inside pool - and I  do not know what the frog is for - but it isn't for me - I am swimming outside where the mist is thick and you can't see much and the pool is as good as empty. Cold too, especially getting in and out. However once you recover it sets you up for the day.

Rather traumatic times here - our operating computer has been getting slower and slower and more miserable by the day so off it went to hospital. They sent it home early and it took a turn for the worse and had to go back into intensive care. So last night we managed to send the newsletter out via my i pad which is only networked - new learning curve once again. We got there though. Plus all the people who subscribed to the e-mag had to wait a wee bit longer for me to send them everything once the computer came back this afternoon. Think we are back to normal - we haven't been able to print either because it is all linked that way. The joys of life.... It means I am behind with my e-mag bulletin but it isn't far away. And now that I can print again I can get back to things which need labels, inserts etc.

This is one of the new pieces of street art on Beaufort Street - Tandem. plenty of interest.


lisa_crofts said...

Marty loves the frog slide. At least the water is warm inside

Heather said...

Sorry you are cold Dale, but at last we are warming up over here. That pool looks inviting even with the frog. Glad your computer problems are sorted. Love the Tandem.


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