Thursday, July 25, 2013

where does time go to?

 This isn't a recent photo at all but Patricia sent us a photo of Harley waiting on Ian's pillow looking forlornly out of the window - her all day food supply was on hold while we were away although she doesn't look any thinner for the experience of two meals a day.

We had a good time in Adelaide - lots of lovely people and lots of lovely restaurants. We took all day to get home on Monday though because the pilot called in sick and they couldn't find another one for 12 hours so I asked and got return tax fares into town for a long lunch - thanks to the Virgin staff. The weather was pretty bad and our umbrellas were in the suitcases but never mind.

 Our boxes came back with TNT at lightning speed and I have now unpacked all I need and they can go to the show next week. So - good and bad.

 I have heaps of wonderful hand dyed silk laps here waiting for me to package them. This is Arabian Nights. I am not sure if I am going to get them all done before next week though.

Lots of jobs on my list including packaging all the Corriedale wool. Of course I ran out of bags and am waiting for more. It puts you out of schedule really. My assistant has had to climb over and through boxes to get to her food so she was supervising.

 Totally out of order but here we are just finishing the packing up at the show. All the colour we took was back in the boxes and it was cold and dreary and we were seeing red wine glasses in front of our eyes.

Today these luscious recycled silk thrums arrived. Many kilos of them - all slightly different colours.
As well - the work for the Artful Journey exhibition has been arriving - going to be so fabulous. All that needs is for me to finish my piece. Hand stitching can take quite a while you know.

I have added another new club - SSS&P club (stamp, stencil, spray and paint) and already it has had a good response. I am enjoying gathering and writing for these clubs.

and finally - another picture of you know who which appeared here with my photos. She is happy to see us back but I do wish she wouldn't snore under my desk when I am working,


Amanda said...

And you were worried about her ever settling in??!!?? *snort!*

Love the look of the thrums, whatever that is,. I hope some manages to join in the club fun at some point :-)

Heather said...

Those silk thrums are gorgeous. Harley looks very relaxed as she keeps the weeds from growing round that pot.


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