Saturday, December 31, 2016

Another ending - 2016

Well - it is the last day of 2016 and many of my plans to write often have vanished. It seems to have been a busy year indeed and not looking much less busy for 2017. I have managed a trip to NZ but only once, a trip to Broome, a trip to Toronto and San Fransisco, a trip to Barcelona and Girona plus London, and a wedding in Margaret River and in between busy as. In 2017 we do have lots of excitments planned - bring it all on.

As usual I didn't get many of the things on my list done, but I have plenty of things lined up for tomorrow onwards. On thing I did complete and rather proud of my discipline, was the 100 days project where I worked on circles of assorted varieties. Sometimes I had to improvise when I couldn't load what I had at the ready but I did manage each day. I felt if I didn't, I would simply fall behind. It was good for me. If you want to see them all go here. This image is large in that I can't get any words to go below
However I shall just wish everyone a wonderful 2017 - let's all be creative - happy - healthy (most important) - our motto as always is EAT DRINK TRAVEL in any order. And I will try to write more often - I like my blog as a reference point - it is over 10 years since I started - better than facebook where words move down the line and vanish - fb is instant - a blog is always easy to read. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hannah and Grant Get Wed

On 11th November - that's Remembrance Day so you don't forget - Hannah and Grant got married in Margaret River - don't they look wonderful?

The wedding was at Secret Garden - a beautiful spot and perfect weather

Amazing symmetry with attention to detail

 Irises and Roses out on full bloom and wonderful colours

In keeping with style I wore red shoes - I do have rather a few pairs to choose from and it will be a case of she who dies leaving the most - wins.... But they were nothing like Hannah's beautiful blue shoes which I can't post because I can't 'steal' that photo but they were lovely

It was an 'unplugged' wedding which meant no photos and then of course I forgot to take any later on. but I stolen a few here and there. This one because it is a record of a baby plopped on my lap for safe keeping - I am not sure what Ester was thinking. Fortunately Hannah's mother rescued her.
I managed to collect this photo too not often will you see Ian in a suit.

And us with them.

There are lots of fabulous photos but I do love this one.

Here is our happy lot - the reception was at Howard Park and it was great that everyone could come over from NZ - so they were away when the earthquake in Wellie and Kaikoura happened.

Our intrepid twosome once again.

So we were bused to the wedding - then to the reception and like Cinderella - on the dot of 12 - bused back to where we were staying.

On the Saturday we all gathered for a barbeque and then after that we all dispersed. We did manage a bbq here before the wedding and another once we got back.

Now Ian and I can be as irresponsible as we like.


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