Tuesday, June 28, 2011

clean table - well hardly

I have been working on my very clean table so of course it is a happy table now - all covered with fabric and paints and deColourant and letters and stuff. I have been writing on fabric - this is some of the lovely hand dyed cotton fabric from Dyed and gone to Heaven and I suspect, created by Peter not Lisa.... It discharges very well too and I havebeen doing some of that as well.  My deadlines are rocking up once again.

Talking of Lisa - she tells me she is running another on-line bead class starting in July which is not far away - I enjoyed her first class even if I was a bad student although I have done some beading, Lisa - check it out here  

We have had the most glorious rain all day - it is like a typical day on the West Coast - wonderful.

Shelagh and I have  a challenge which starts on 1st July - check us out here and see what we are up to. This is our blog where we will be loading our 5 min efforts three times a week. Shelagh says she can't draw - she doesn't know that I can't either - that's why we have set ourselves a challenge - to push our brain edges a little further but only three times a week.....
Creative Brain Edges 

Monday, June 27, 2011

tha blank table

I haven't been back to the blank table today - it looked rather forlorn when I locked the door last night - just been a bit Monday busy but will be there tomorrow filling it up again. For those who asked - there is NOT chaos under the table on the floor - I don't work that way. Sure have lots of stuff but everything is in its theme box or container otherwise I would never find anything. I have an awful lot of samples in a giant sample basket - I am thinking of making magic sample books and popping them on my barely used Etsy site. Do you think people would be interested? This is the latest Down Under Textiles - we have sent some out - I only got some at Brisbane Show - what they had left over - the remainder have not arrived as yet and will send as soon as they do. So sorry if yours is later than you think it should be. It includes a feature of the Pick-a-Pockets - very nice indeed.  Ian has worked very hard today photgrpahing all of the pockets and they are on our website - he will be adding the titles and names tomorrow. They look good.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

late sunday afternoon

Okay - last wee video - a clean slate and an empty table all ready for tomorrow. I am sure that my wee piggie state has made everyone feel totally sanctimonious. It doesn't mean that everything is away - because I work in themes I have things sorted that way and I always reluctant to actually close off a topic. And - I like to have things close to me. But I couldn't sleep last night because I really needed some decent space for Words 5 - tomorrow I shall be raring to go.

Sunday Afternoon - progress

Sunday Morning

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday so soon

I have been stitching on the Inktense Blocks worked on Evolon - I am still in love with these wonderful sticks of vibrant colour. Evolon can be ironed and more heat applied to it before it breaks down unlike Lutradur and of course Tyvek. I have made a few marks with my Versa Tool very successfully. Not quite sure where this little piece fits in but maybe that doesn't matter.

We now have 600 fans on The Thread Studio facebook page. Very exciting. Still time to leave a comment - tomorrow I shall pull a name out of the hat for a parcel of goodies with love from us to you.

Very strange people next door - not only a yappy wee dog but they throw a giant container of ?water over the balcony in the mornings. Oh so 19th century - I haven't heard them call out "Slops" as yet but he has taken to waving to me instead.....

Playing with heat distressable tissue on heavy Lutradur having stamped on the surface first and then stitched. Lots of exploring of this stuff to do but I have a quite distinct idea of what I would like to make - let's see how it goes.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

truffering away

I am still truffering away with paint and Romeo and kunin felt - you never know when you might need a word so always a good idea to stockpile and try a diiferent thing or two.

 I started this in Brisbane - some paint through a stencil with lots of stitching on kunin felt - nice finish.

New Starburst Sprays and Inkspots and Magical Micas have arrived - 5 new colours and they go under the title of Drink Me Silly - no - that is not me......

CPS 37 arrived today as well and we send them all out tonight. Just a few left if anyone wants one - only had time for a quick look but I see Ro Bruhn's beautiful work is inside - great stuff Ro.

Couldn't pop up and sew tonight because 3 lights out of 5 are not working and it took me ages to thread the machine needle and then I couldn't see much of what I was doing.  We are having a light crisis but at least the bedroom light is now going. I am sorry to say that the new lights are not what the old lights were and you walk around a house not so bright these days - maybe it is a plot run by opticians. Not sure...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

end of the weekend

A productive weekend not that I feel I have done a great deal but I tied up a few loose ends and got myself back on track with 2 articles finished and a new holey moley up on air so while I still have a lot to do this week we have been able to have 2 sleep ins and enjoy pottering. Bit of rain, back garden needs a good clean but we went for a walk and checked out Grant's house at the back of his other house where Bruce and Kazuko are - it is finally underway again with a stairway to nowhere at present. And I even cooked dinner twice in a row.

Above are the Inktense Blocks which arrived this week - you never want to tell people about a fabulous new product when they can't buy it from you! I love crayons much more than pencils and these are fat blocks which are just too yummy for words.

Here they are rubbed onto Evolon - look like nothing exciting - I have rubbed them on their side

and then I applied some water with a brush and wow! To finish off this little exercise I blotted the blocks across the wet surface. Off to stitch next. Once they are dry they are permanent. I am surely in love with these. You could, of course, use your pencils over this for detail if you wished and maybe I will. And then what will I do with the Evolon I wonder?

The morning we went to Brisbane I printed on some TAP with some writing I had done on paper and scanned into the 'puter and I printed my favourite words for the moment with Stazon. At the show when I was demoing I ironed the TAP to Evolon and some people may recall that it wouldn't peel off. I just picked away later when no one was there and this is my surface - I have done a little stitching around the big words. Let's wait and see what happens next.  Quite a few ideas to play and develop this week for sure in between my other tasks.

We have had a frustrating day though - I LOST my holey moley folder in Outlook and a whole day has been spent on computer things which should have reproduced the back-up but did not in the end but we live in hope that tomorrow the problem may be solved. I have also LOST the entire Ian folder but this is not quite so drastic. I may have to email a holey moley to send me a copy of the emails I send out so I can start again - just as well I have the full group list safely somewhere else....

We also had a busy weekend watching the last of the rugby games before the finals - 5 games-  we enjoyed most of them especially the Hurricanes vs Crusaders and even though the 'Canes didn't win it was a pretty good game - here are Ma'a Nonu and Andrew Hore who the coach decided to ceremoniously dump this week. Bad stuff and serious consideration about who I might support next year. I wish them both well and while what I might say means nothing, sometimes when things like this happen you end up much better off in the long run. That is my experience anyway.

Friday, June 17, 2011

a little more Textile Art Festival

Thanks for all the comments and the many emails I have had about the Textile Art Festival. I agree with you on the embellisher judging Teresa - sort of lowest common denominator stuff and I thought so last year when somebody, I know not who, was rubbished in public and I felt so embarrassed for her. Useless with photos we were but Robin took this one of me working - I was using de Colourant and de Colourant Plus on my piece of hand dyed fabric which Lisa from Dyed and gone to Heaven gave me to play with. I stamped truffa on it as you do and I was drying it with my heat gun and talking at the same time so there are some burnt patches but that is no big deal. For those who loved my alphabet sponge stamps, I have managed to find more sets which I can happily sell when I get them. Before too long I shall stitch all over it and then decide what to do next. When we got home I thought truffa had disappeared from  the wall but it is still there. I also did quite a bit of stamping paint on Romeo which needs further work. You can see we always had a mess of stuff around us, Jacinta and I. Not sure who was the messiest.

Kirry has sent me a close up view of her garment - so much work and so much attention to detail. I enjoyed it when I was making art to wear but I am really happy I have decided to change direction and work on creating my little journals which give me lots of pleasure. At the show, someone from the dark side was over on our side talking about how she was a famous and talented art journaller - looked at me and asked what I did. My reply - just a lowly scum of the earth player. I am afraid I am not so good at the beefing up of one's self but it takes all sorts to make the world go round.

We are pretty well up to date and enjoying tonight's rugby but tomorrow I have 2 deadlines to meet so will be working hard in  the morning to get them both finished. Then a few more rugby games to watch.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Textile Art Festival

We had a great show and basically sold out of so much stuff - the sari ribbon almost all gone by lunchtime on day one for starters. I am flat out reordering and will be following this with repackaging and Jacinta is busy re-dyeing. It was wonderful to catch up with so many of our very loyal and lovely customers. I first went to Brisbane to a show back in 1996 and after we stopped going to the shows we used to come up to the Albert Park Hotel and set up shop and run workshops to which many people came. I really appreciate all the positive and delightful comments made by so many people at the show - enjoying our wonderful display of different goodies and the magnificent colours we have. It does always look good and like an Aladdin's Cave and it makes me proud that I have been able to do all this from a modest beginning of needing a machine embroidery thread. We have come a long way and I could never have done it without Ian and without Jacinta who is a dear friend, a fellow artist and a wonderful dyer who either jumps to my commands or ignores me - either one is fine. I remember back in Melbourne when we were at the YWCA with shop and workshop and Jacinta appearing with a shoebox of hand dyed threads and I bought the lot and we haven't looked back. Jacinta's dyeing has developed so much from way back then and some of her colour combinations now are simply superb as they get more complex. Then Jacinta's friend Rae appeared and she dyes all the fabrics and now the threads leaving Jacinta to dye the fibres and flimsies and other things which tickle her and my imagination. I think we make a great team and I love it when customers tell me how much they appreciate the products. We try. I know I have introduced many new products to the Australasian scene and I love seeing how people have run with them. I talked to and admired the work of so many talented people over the weekend. Thank you to everyone who bought my new book. I enjoyed creating it and am working like fury on the next one.

There were some lovely things at the show - the Bernina display was wonderful - the Art U Wear - Circus Berserkus garments looked fabulous. At the top is Tilly the Tightrope Walker made by Kirry Toose which won the overall prize. I loved them all.

This is Cheryl Bridgart's work which won the Bernina Tattoo competition - they were all wonderful as well. And there were heaps of great displays but sadly I didn't think the show looked much different from any other show - was called a Festival but it lacked an atmosphere. There weren't many stalls - I talked to people who had little stalls the first year and they said what we all know - too expensive. A festival to me is about all sorts of things - there were too many blank black walls without decoration. It is a real shame because it has the potential to be a wonderful event. The artist working area (which was my suggestion previously) is a great idea and Jacinta and I had a lovely time making a giant mess and chatting to people and playing - there often wasn't much happening at the 2 other stations.The other sad thing was that because it was on a long weekend, I didn't really see any school kids which was a shame because it was a great opportunity for them to see the wonderful work and they are the up and coming people to keep our dreams alive.  I don't think I am speaking out of turn  - in my previous life I instigated and organised a varied number of exciting events. I know it was linked with the Papercraft and Scrapbooking show next door and we did get quite a good spin off from that with new people coming through but I felt it needed more. Maybe the wrong people run it - who knows. Those who go to the Knitting and Stitching show in London - aka Ally Pally - will know what I mean when I say - excitement.

Anyway - Brisbane did us proud - cooler weather right up my alley. Our favourite restaurant - Barolo - was gone but we found Vapiano where they cooked fresh pasta and we drank red wine to go with it. Very nice indeed.

Last night we went to dinner with Kaz and Bruce - it is lovely to have them both back in Perth.

Back to work - I have several deadlines looming. Plus I have finally worked out that I can make videos with my i-phone - such fun - but at this stage they come out upside down.....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reporting In

We have just arrived home to lovely rain and cold. Here is our palette all packed up last night about to be shrink wrapped. We took 2 full ones and over half of this one is full of empty containers. Bags are unpacked and orders starting being filled - washing to come.

My lunch on Qantas - about as exciting as it looks. I think that is the pie crust but I can't tell you what it tasted like as I didn't eat it. Our plane flew further north than usual to avoid any ash but we got here about the same time anyway.

I am just answering all my emails -  we couldn't get any internet connection in the apartment - just did not work so I used my i-phone to read emails but every time I went to answer the i-phone went no service. Don't panic though if you emailed me - I am working through them. If you haven't heard from me by late tomorrow, please email again.

Lovely to catch up with loads of people - I will do my full report tomorrow

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Happy Birthday Bev

Happy Birthday Bev - hope you are having  a wonderful day nearly over but many more of course. Been thinking of you....

Now that it is 7pm I can start my day's work - well - packing for Brisbane and gathering my stuff and I still have some important prep and play to do and my studio looks like a tip. But I shall ignore that never really wanted to look like the studios you see in the magazines anyway. We have been exceptionally busy this week with orders and also the three workshops have all started and I hope all the classmates are enjoying their playing. I shall be back on Tuesday to see what they have been up to. I think wi-fi is going to be a drama in Brisbane - about time all apartments and the like joined the real world.

All the Hurricane supporters in the world will know that Hammett the 'coach' has sacked Ma'a Nonu and Andrew Hore. I have been an ardent supporter of the Hurricanes since whenever - I was born in the Manawatu,, I went to school there and in Taranaki, my grandparents lived in the Wairarapa, and Wellington is my favourite city in the world. I am an unhappy bunny and seriously thinking of changing allegiance - two choices I could have - maybe wait and see what happens. The Hurricanes have not had a great season - maybe caused by a lot of tension but they are always exciting when they play well. What could be more exciting than watching this guy when he is on fire.

We will be back on Tuesday but if you come to the show in Brisbane on Sat, Sun or Monday, do call by and say hello and see all the lovely goodies we will have for sale. Also come see the Pick-a-Pockets which will be on display opposite us and then pop down to see Jacinta and/or me in the Artists Working Studio where one of us will be most of the time. Ian and I are also looking forward to visiting our favourite restaurant - Barolo - where the food and atmosphere is great.

Off to turn my laptop on and do some printing on TAP and to gather my stuff and then lock the studio door. See you on Tuesday.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

signing in on a busy Sunday

And where have I been AWOL? Well nowhere really - been very busy but just boring busy. I have a number of articles I have to write - think I will start saying no soon so I can get on with my own work. This one above is going to Canada - lots of flower stitcher and lots more to come. I am stitching Royal Shiraz on purple felt - I like this thread - it is not one of our biggest sellers but I got my inspiration from the tunnel under the river in Shanghai when I was mesmerised by the flashing lights in shades of purples and greens. So I thought I would use it for this little project.

We have been watching lots of rugby games - when it gets to the serious end of the season it becomes rather exciting with teams dropping off when you thought they would be up there. The Hurricanes have won their last two games but it is a bit late for them. Going to have to set up like crazy in Brisbane next Friday so we can get off to watch them play the Chiefs who may be my hew team next year - not sure I like the way the coach is behaving - getting rid of good players. Get rid of the coach I say.

Beautiful weather today but we have been indoors mostly - Ian is making the newsletter beautiful - I only write the words.... This is Ian's new toy I got for him - his very own milk frother - he can do flat whites and cappuccinos - lucky boy. I still haven't got any roses.....

Three on-line workshops start this week.
Ratty Tatty Papers starts tomorrow and I have added Evolon and heat distressable tissue and a few other things to this class.
Gilding the Lily starts on Tuesday. This is the last time I will be running this workshop so this is your last chance.
Hot Needles Cool Stitches for the needlefelting machine starts on Wednesday for those people who want to get more from the machine they have bought and done little with. it is a fabulous machine and I have been playing on it today for another article I am writing - I am creating some small pieces and I will add these into one of the lessons.
These are the only on-line workshops I am running this year - I know people email me all the time asking if I am offering them later on but the year goes so fast. It doesn't matter if you are away when the lesson is on - the material is up there for ages and you can join in at any time and catch up later and I am always at the end of my computer - well pretty often.

I am trying to finish the last things for Textile Art Festival in Brisbane - we fly off on Thursday but it is a holiday here tomorrow - today I worked like a beaver to do all of the POMs (product of the month) - we are up to month 16 now so that's 16 different things to get packaged. I enjoy planning the new one each time.

Bruce and Kazuko will be back next Sunday while we are away - be good to have them both back. Grant is sailing in Denmark from today in SLAM - good luck to him and Pistol and the third man on the boat who I do not know.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

lubbly lubbly rain and it's June

Welcome to June - I am sure the black cat means rain because we are having lots of it - in fact the streets around and about have been flooded and Ian has been on the roof again clearing out the leaves.

Here is a bowl of frangipanis for Shelagh - every morning in Broome I picked fresh ones for the water bowl and also placed them all over the place. They are bigger and bolder than in Perth.

A restful chair not far from our unit.

Still very busy today but we should be up to date by tomorrow I hope - QA 51 arrived and they will go out tomorrow - might be a few left over - not sure but email if you want one.

Newsletter is nearly written......

Tonight we are off to dinner because it was Val's birthday while we were away and we have found a really good Italian restaurant at last not far away.


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