Wednesday, August 07, 2013

AWOL but with a reason

 So where have I been? I don't think I have abandoned my blog for so long before. Having the show here in Perth is quite a huge thing. Lots of packing and packaging and loading this enormous van. A brand new Mercedes Benz which Ian tells me was lovely to drive so that part was okay. It's laborious loading it all up though.

You could sleep inside not a problem

Then unloading it all at the showgrounds onto the outside of our rather enormous stand but thanks to Jaslyn and Oliver who made things go much faster than just the two of us.

One little section partly set up - the fibres and flimsie department and my demo spot. The number of people who were sure the stuff on my cardboard box was for sale. Sorry - it was mine....

On the way one morning we passed the new Police headquarters and I snapped the art work outside.

We had a working textile artist each day and they were all fabulous. Here is Martien van Zuilen at work

On Saturday, Elizabeth Morley wowed everyone with her fab work.

and on Sunday Cindy Cooper was creating wonderful mixed media work.

Special thanks to all three - you added that extra bit.

The show was really great - lovely to meet up with so many people - our Gee Golly Gosh table was - well - o wow! You helped me clear things and made me happy.  There were wonderful exhibitions including the clever ladies from Northhampton (you will have to wait for the e-mag to see some of their work) and Ali George was an amazing host of the 'this is a Quilt' touring exhibition and my invited Artful Journey exhibition went down well. Sadly I took photos but they have disappeared so plan b is coming into operation next week.

Another part of our stand - it was so large that I could have popped up many different photos.

Of course once the show was finished, everything had to be packed back into the van and we could not have managed without Jaslyn, Marion and Oliver - then on Monday morning we unloaded everything - it takes me days to get it all back in place because I take this opportunity to count sort and all that stuff. This is our front hall - we really enjoyed a few days of a clear space

The shop room waiting for more action

Our bedroom - we have had to mountaineer to the bed.

Our front verandah but at least these are all contained.

and in the midst of it all - you know who - just sittin' and relaxin'

Everything should be almost back to normal by the end of today but ploughing through all of the orders is taking me longer than it might as I have to find things. Usually when we do a show, orders so reasonably quiet but not this weekend - so if you are waiting I apologize but I will soon be up to date.

Then off to  work on the e-mag - my studio desk is rather a mess and last weekend Grant and Hannah were over from Sydney but we did catch up at night - and I forgot to add that the rugby final was nail biting but the mighty Chiefs won - great game.  Sat is gardening day and not before time.


Julie said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it all! Just wish I could have been there. Glad things are slowly returning to normal. Enjoy the gardenng!

Heather said...

Glad Harley is so helpful!! Doing a show like that must be a mammoth task and getting it all back in it's right place after so much hard work already would be the last straw for me. You certainly don't need to visit a gym for a workout.
Your stand looked wonderful and so inviting.

Amanda said...

And breathe!!!


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