Monday, August 26, 2013

Leaving wonderful Wellie

We have had a lovely weekend - the weather has been great and Sunday was just glorious - we went to Kelburn for breakfast - checked out our old flat in Northland and our house in Glenside ( the first of our three homes since whenever) - it has all changed out that way. Then we went to Waikanae to visit old friends. My favourite stretch of road along the coast.

We drove back up the Paekak(sp short version) hill - glorious sunset - looking to Kapiti Island

Looking to the South Island

Back to Kapiti

And back to the South Island
Dinner with Ken and Raylene and this morning a drive around the bays and sitting at the Wellie airport en route to Auckland for the flight back to Perth
And yes - it us a long way - Perth is a long way from anywhere but worth the trip to feed my soul! Coming to Wellington is an extra bonus.
Back to work tomorrow - as always loads to do


Ali Honey said...

I hope you have had a restful flight back home. A good weekend to be a Kiwi! . I haven't seen that Katherine Mansfield sculpture - wow! Didn't even know about it.

Robin Mac said...

Hope you had a good flight home - did you get the All Blacks plane? Lovely shots of Wellington. Cheers

Julie said...

No wonder your soul is enriched by this beautiful part of the country.

Heather said...

Spectacular scenery and lovely to visit old haunts. Glad it was such a great weekend and hope your journey home was a good one.

Jacky said...

I lived in Wellington for a couple of years, prefer Wellington to Aucklad. We need that visit every so often don't we.


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