Thursday, August 15, 2013

Look At Me - Look At Me

 I am not supposed to be on the new bed cover but I am determined to enjoy it - yesterday I was even found hiding under the pillows with just my face peering out.

 As you know I am in love with the Inktense blocks and am experimenting with them for my article in thread.In-fusion issue 2. I wanted to try them with the gelli plate because I just wanted to. I tried two different ways. Here I sprayed the plate with water and then rubbed the blocks over the surface.

I popped one of the new stencils on top and laid fabric over this. Thought I would use cotton poplin today but it could have been any of the surfaces I like to work on.

This was the first take - I like it because it is quite different - quite wet of course. Fabulous for a background.

Here you can see another one - i also tried using the blocks on the gelli plate dryish (they were not actually dry but I didn't spray the surface first) and then I sprayed water for this effect.

And here I flipped the stencil over and rolled it over the fabric.

I did lots of different playing but you will have to wait for the mag - or even subscribe! to see what else I have done. Using the blocks on the gelli plate surface is quite different from using paint but I like what I am seeing. I especially love my 72 set - indulged me.
But one thing about them is that they don't make you fat or give you a hangover.


Heather said...

Harley looks like the perfect co-ordinated accessory to go with your new bedcover! I like your Inktense block trials and am looking forward to playing with mine at forthcoming weekend workshop.

Margaret said...

You blend right in with the bed cover! What a lot of work you have been doing.


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