Thursday, August 22, 2013

Off to Wonderful Wellie

Tonight we are off to wonderful Wellie - primarily to watch the All Blacks vs Wallabies but also to see the sights and enjoy my favourite city in the world. And catch up with Ken and Raylene and others as well.

It's a beautiful day in Perth - we have had the longest period of rain which has been wonderful of course but our gardening is a little behind schedule. These freesias manage to rise from the ground every year despite anything else.

I have been to the nursery for lots of grevilleas and a few kangaroo paws (sometimes we don't have luck with their survival but there are sufficient which keep on keeping on. This is a black one with yellow

and a more standard one. Hope they all hang in until we get back on Monday night -

I was playing with the Inktense Blocks and the gelli plates and a stencil - then I stitched a little over the surface last night. Pleased with the result.

I would show you a photo of Harley but she seems to be in the same or a very similar spot on our new bed cover......


Heather said...

Enjoy your trip to Wellington. How lovely to have freesias growing in the garden - they have to be hothouse plants over here. Love kangaroo paws - they are so well named.
The little Inktense block sample is sweet - I must make more use of mine.
Hope Harley doesn't miss you too much, she has obviously taken possession of your bedspread.

Robin Mac said...

Is Harley planning on taking over your bed for the duration while you are away? I love your plants, too hot and humid for either freezias or kangaroo paw here so I have to admire others' photos. Enjoy Wellington, I hope there are no more earthquakes. Cheers.


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