Saturday, December 29, 2012

40 it is

 40 you say - she can't be that old? No - 40 degrees for a few days and more to come - I think next Wednesday is when there may be some respite. but - last year this naughty water lily didn't show her beautiful face and this morning there she was - only opened up a little to check out the world.

I have been playing with the Opulence Embellishment Paints - -
They are actually called Inks but names are tricky - they are more like Glazes in some ways - they are acrylic with very strong rich pigment and mica - you can always see the mica when you apply them. Up to now I have simply painted with them but I have decided to explore what they can do a little more. I have chosen three colours to match my theme (still drawing and stitching pohutukawa flowers)  -Iyana (olive green) - ariel (brown) and argeant (silver). I filled my spray bottles with some water and spooned a couple of tiny spoons (airplane special) of paint into each. Sprayed the cotton fabric with water and then sprayed colour over the top. Then I took a stencil (it is called Herringbone and I like it for these backgrounds - there is also one called Chevron) and I used my fingers to apply the full strength paint - when it is dry I plan to do more things tomorrow.

 A page from my Khadi rag paper sketchbook - the background here are Starburst Sprays but have used the Opulence through the stencil. Hope you can see the rich mica. When you decant these paints into spray bottle you must shale them when you use to get that mica moving - just the same as you do with the Moonglow Sprays.
 My spray bottles - and actually I stir them before I use them each time. you can apply these paints to basically any surface and with any sort of medium - try sponges - I was just a little lazy and used my fingers. Make sure you clean everything up quickly though because you are using acrylic - it peels off your fingers so I am alright to go out tonight with friends for dinner.

Below is my little stitchy piece I am working away on - it is probably the weather which makes you drift from one thing to another. But it is making progress. I have added a few wool nepps using the embellisher to see how they went.

 On Thursday we popped out to the airport to farewell Hannah and Grant on their return trip to London and then off on the snow train. It was good to see them here although it was a pretty short visit. Hannah had long boots on which made my feet very hot and sticky thinking about it. Can you tell I am over the heat? Actually, i never ever get into the heat. Thank goodness for air con.


Dorothy said...

Your "stitchy" piece is looking good.
Finding enthusiasm for anything is very difficult as it is even hotter in the country but the Albany Doctor makes it more bearable together with the air conditioner.

Heather said...

Love your trials, experiments and stitchy piece - I really must get motivated and start something new myself.
Your waterlily is lovely. They don't like our pond as it is fed by a waterfall feature and I believe they prefer still water. Hope you get your respite from the heat and hope we get one as well, from all this dismal rain.

Judy said...

The Herringbone background came out a beauty Dale, Also love your embillished piece. The Waterlily is a lovely colour, must like it very hot to come out. Happy New Year to you both and very successful 2013.


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