Sunday, December 02, 2012

Relaxing times

Wedding anni dinner at the Waterfront Cafe in Mangonui and very nice too. Ian has discovered panorama on his phone so we have both been very busy taking panoramic photos

Here is the restaurant from the outside - Mangonui is a great spot to visit

I have been busy with the Pohutakawa flowers and drawing and photographing them. Have plans but no red colouring things or thread with me

Cabbag tree

Flax - coming from Foxton I know all about flax and the very tough on your knees carpet we had in our dining room

Yesterday we went to Keri Keri - I emptied my suitcase to the lovely ladies at the Embroiderers Guild - they meet at the airport - and then we went to dinner at Wharepuke - great food, gardens etc. This is their award winning desert - apparently the best in NZ according to Metro magazine. Kafir lime and lemongrass panne cotta with the best rhubarb I have eaten (and even Ian ate how so that does say something)

Got up at 3.30am to watch the ABs game - not the result we wanted but the English team were well deserving of their win


Heather said...

Wonderful pics Dale - those trees look almost prehistoric. Your flax is so different from ours but I suppose they could still be related. That desert looks delicious and not too wicked either.

Robin Mac said...

That dessert certainly does look to die for - how could Ian not like rhubarb! Glad you have had such a relaxing time. Cheers


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