Sunday, December 09, 2012

sad tale of a hibachi stand basically

A couple of pictures of goodies I collected up in NZ to photograph and draw - I didn't have anything red with me for drawing, spraying or stitching but i just fell in love again with the pohutukawa flowers so everything is looking a little Christmassy although that was not intended.

 Just another one.

 As we often do, we had a bbq last night and I am reporting that first - the hibachi is coming to the end of its life - this is our third or fourth. However, worse than that, Ian had some extra flames firing away and his chair has burnt through. He is somewhat devastated and I do hope our spicey coated lamb chops marinading away right now do not slide off tonight.

A slightly sorry state of events.

Loads of people have emailed about the Hundertwasser paper napkins I bought in Kawakawa. There is a gift shop there which sells them although they are not on their website. They are also available on ebay but in smaller numbers and therefore slightly more expensive but if you want them that won't be an issue - the ones I saw come from Hungary and there are more designs. I shall expect to see lots of interesting work done using them!

Since we made a slightly executive decision, we are about to embark on the painting etc of our bedroom. This is a major job in that we have to clear everything out first before painting and new furniture etc. We do have a LOT of books. It is going to look wonderful when it is done though - we just have to make ourselves move on this one so we can get onto the next task.


Doreen G said...

Stephen and I send our heartfelt apologies regarding said chair and hibachi.
Having tasted the wonderful food that comes from these items we know what a loss it will be.What now Ian?

Heather said...

Better to have that little disaster out of doors than in the kitchen. Good luck with the decorating - the upheaval is awful but the results are so worthwhile.

Ann said...

Maybe Ian could build a little brick platform for the next Hibachi. I do understand the need for bedroom painting & know it will be worth it in the end. Good luck with both.


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