Saturday, December 15, 2012

finally back on track

 Thought I would show you the cheap nylon netting  I use for silk paper making - this was from our Fibres Day when we were making silk paper and I threw the nylon in the sink and left it until today to rinse out - tut tut - but we used the Sun Dye Fabric paints to colour the tussah silk and so now I know how effective these paints are on cheap nylon netting. Just so you know. Spotlight special.

 The Sun Dye Fabric paints are quite brilliant I am finding - everyone knows I love sprays so I decanted lots of paint into spray bottles, carefully labelling them. Ever so efficient. Such an easy way to use with stencils etc and for sun painting.

 One of the ladies in my Christchurch workshop gave me some lovely paper napkins so I thought I would have a play today. This is the napkin.

 My first one which I messed up a bit so I decided to do a second one.

 It is a wee bit darker but has worked well - I used black kunin felt - ironed webbing to the surface - bonded parts of the napkin - ironed on silver and red foil - actually I didn't iron it on I ironed the surface and while it was hot I lay the foil down and rubbed with my fingers - I like that effect better - then I bonded black Gossamer Fuse over the top - stitched and used my Versa Tool to make my pseudo buttonhole edges. you can have mega fun with something simple (I was going to say inexpensive until I remembered the price of the Hundertwasser ones)

 Then I took strips of Hot Sheets and used left over foils on them. Very easy to do - just heat and iron down all your foil scraps. You can stitch these down or roll them up for buttons or whatever you like.

 Grant is on Hamilton Island for the SB20 World Championships - looks like lovely sailing.

 They have had a couple of seconds and further backs - that is them on 3037

 There they are again

Early in the week along with all the other parcels in and parcels out (we have been very very busy) - the first run of my new booklet arrived - Let's Play with Romeo - Ian just has a couple of things to alter and back it goes so we should have it beginning of January sometime. It is always so satisfying when you can tick something off your list and I had an article deadline I nearly didn't meet but I did - so now that is out of the way I can get to my long list of next drop stuff.

The latest Embellish magazine arrived and it was very exciting to see my Kimberley Dreaming piece on the cover. I have just booked our next little break to Broome to use up some of my Qantas points in case they take them away.

Have also loaded my Christmas desserts in my favourite recipes since I have had a few emails asking for them. Looks like I will have to start my thinking about Christmas cooking very soon. I don't make a Christmas cake or plum pudding (although I do like them) because, quite simply, we don't need to eat them. And Christmas Day is just a mammoth eating task as it is....


lisa_crofts said...

There are some very nice napkins at items on Fitzgerald st.

Heather said...

I like the free dyeing you got from those super sprays. That's a great napkin design and I love what you did with it, even the 'messed up' one.
Great sailing pics - the water is such a gorgeous blue.
Congrats on the Romeo booklet and on being Embellish's covergirl.
Happy Christmas cooking - I think the cake and pudding need a cold climate to be fully appreciated.

Penny said...

I loved the look of your piece on the embellish cover, the newsagent had it this week. We are off to Kangaroo Island on Wednesday and hope for time to play.

Judy said...

Thanks so much for sharing your paper napkin techniques Dale, sounds great Looking forward to when your Lets Play with Romeo book comes out officially. Great to know the Dun Dyes work on cheap netting.


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