Thursday, December 06, 2012

Back we go to Perth

Sitting in the Koru Club at Auckland airport with rain pouring down and thunder and lightning - our wee holiday is over and we shall soon be winding our way back to Perth but in Premium Economy - thanks Air New Zealand. Yesterday we went to Waiheke Island and had lunch at Mudbrick Vineyard and restaurant - we have been there a few times - it is a wonderful spot looking out over the water and islands. It was a bit wet but I took a few photos. Coming from Perth we never mind the rain.

Looking out of the restaurant window. We had a chatty waiter and have made a date to go to his show - Dark Stars - at the Perth Fringe Festival.

As you see, Jonathan likes having his photo taken more than me!

Another photo looking to the sea. We walked back down to the ferry and got there just in the nick of time. Just as well we had or umbrellas.

They have veg gardens in the grounds and I couldn't resist the basil. Sitting in the club right now I have just wonderful pesto on a bread roll. I do hope my several plants are growing away when I get home. This year I am planning to make lots of pesto.

Last night Bev came into town and we had a great night. We haven't caught up for quite some time. Ian has the photos so for another day.

One thing about being at home is that it will be easier to load the next six days of Christmas. It has been rather a challenge loading the tag each morning and no way have I been able to add my picture so that is why it is on the blog.

Lots of things to do in everything when we are back but one is playing with Encaustic Wax - I have been planning this for some time - I have a set of blocks waiting for me.

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Heather said...

The vineyard grounds look beautiful even in the rain. Sounds like a good time to be heading for home and with luck your basil has had a drink while you've been away.


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