Friday, February 14, 2014

Wonderful Wellie Day 4

Running late today but have to say we have caught up on all the orders so able to relax with a glass of champers in the garden where it is a little cooler. I took a quarter of the page from The Dominion Post and lay it on felt which previously had painted webbing added to it. Then I stitched rows of Wonderful Wellie

Then I peeled off the paper where there is no stitch to expose the paint. This is actually my favourite paint of all time - Lumiere olive green.

Tomorrow I shall add more stitch and explore a new idea I have for stiffening fabric temporarily after another business was promoting a new product which triggered off a spot on the brain.

Harley behaved very well while we were away and has been our very best friend since we came back. For all the people who ask!

1 comment:

Robin Mac said...

I am with you on the paint - that has to be one of my favourites as well, but then I love most of the lumiere colours. I am glad Harley is behaving. Cheers


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