Thursday, December 31, 2015

Trip to NZ part 2

Many parts because trouble loading!

After a couple of days in Thames where we also checked out Komata Reef and Paeroa, we headed up to Coromandel Town calling into the Mussel Kitchen - wow - green lipped mussels -

And to prove we ate them all

Then we drive to Whitianga on the west side- we haven't been there before - we camped up past Coromandel Town many years ago
From Whitianga we did the drive around to Cooks Beach

Went to Go Vino restaurant for our outing. sharing plates - absolutely fabulous food - I missed the first one but this was the squid

And we enjoyed French Champagne thanks to generosity of Grant

A fish dish

Yummy meat

And my lovely lemon desert along with a late picked thanks again to Grant - I love lemon!

And Ian's desert - wonderful evening and we also enjoyed chatting with the owner

We went down into Lonely Bay - really pleased with this photo - lots of scalloped edging - we climbed down but sadly no lift and had to climb up again but worth it!

Plenty of little kayaks out and about

We stayed at Cooks Beach and you can get the person ferry to Whitianga - takes a few minutes only or you have to drive right around


And some more - good time to be there - 300 pop in Cooks Beach climbing to 10000 in summer - not for us!

Bought myself some new pink sandals - not red this time but they only had pink and navy - very comfy

And I started my Summer stitching with wool felt - linen and my ironed sari ribbon

Part 3 coming

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