Saturday, October 10, 2015

London time

After a hectic period of activity we finally cleared the decks, packed the suitcases and now we are in London. Left Harley in charge in her new found bed - why cars find boxes too small I will never know - there is some nice hand dyed stuff under her. But she was pretty relaxed about our going

Three suitcases all ready to roll - two brand new ones and a third empty ready to fill with purchases many of which were already waiting at our hotel when we arrived

Singapore airport -

A bumboat - yes that is what it said

Our strange desert which we didn't really like and didn't really eat

Airline breakfast - I reckon if I dropped this omelette it would have bounced

Read this on the tube to Ally Pally - famous rugby proverb ha ha

Caught up with Jan and

Jean and lots of friends but after our day of roaming we were glad we had made the decision we did - lot of exhibitors missing. I couldn't find at least two people I wanted to buy from and dare I say the vibe was missing, the crowds were down and many stands looked tired and their owners bored.

It was lovely to catch up with Isobel Hall and have a chat and collect her new book - she has been doing some great moulding

Then I checked out the Sophie Digard display - absolutely wonderful work - these are necklaces for Jaslyn who would have enjoyed it

Patricia at Mulberry Silks - lovely to catch up - always about the colour

Checked out the NZ exhibition but couldn't take photos so this is Sandra Hall from her Facebook profile - I loved seeing her work and I also got Wellie homesick seeing the black work stitching and I cannot remember her name

Kate's Plaice was another fabulous stand - so clever

Then we staggered off into horizon and caught the tube back to Kensington to our little comfy compact room under the roof


Heather said...

That omelette does look a bit solid! Mixed results for your trip to Ally Pally this time, but at least you got to meet some great people and Katie's Plaice is an amazing piece of work. Hope the rest of your stay makes up for any disappointments.

Downunderdale said...

No disappointment Heathee - having a great time - very much enjoyed going to Ally Pally as a visitor!

Ali Honey said...

Love the "Rugby," quote. I wish you a happy time up there.


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