Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finally here in Victoria

After our marathon 40 hour trip, we have arrived - 4 planes later. We left LA on time and arrived in Vancouver slightly ahead of time, rushed as fast as we could (the customs lady told us to slow down, calm down) then we headed to check in and got to the little plane (a Dash 8 I think) and 15 mins later arrived in Victoria. Met by Ann - thank you so much Ann - who drove us to the university where a little comedy of errors meant we finally got a room where we could le horizontal and sleep. This morning they were ever so good in getting our real room ready for us.

There a re fabulous rhododendrons out in flower - I love these flowers - one of my favorites. These photos are the courtyard outside our room.

I am looking forward to seeing them blossom more while we are here.
Now I have to sort all the stuff in the suitcases and then find the kits and get them finished as well with a couple of extras.

Location:University of Victoria


Doreen G said...

I love the last photo with the caramello koalas.

Heather said...

Lovely pics and mascot. I feel tired just thinking about your journey.

Robin Mac said...

Have you recovered yet? Those trips are horrendous, but what's waiting at the other end makes it all worth while. I hope the rhodos come out a lot more while you are there. I love them too. cheers


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