Friday, May 18, 2012

Reporting in from Victoria

Tonight was the merchant night - a couple of hours of busy selling
Here is the table at one end - I spent time tidying up because we had no containers

Here's the other end of the table - customers before I had everything out

And the middle of the table

I meant to photograph what was left which was not much but we packed it up before I got that far. Thank you all the lovely people who came to buy and enjoy your wonderful new goodies.

I have a delightful class who have been working hard for two days. Tomorrow is a lay day and we are planning to do very little after a sleep in. The weather is glorious and I want to the rhododendron garden.


Ann said...

The first 2 days of Dale's class have been wonderful. So much fun, colour, experimenting, sewing, painting, fusing. And then all this fabulous merchandise available to take home! Can't wait for Sat for the last 2 days - but then it will be over and we'll have to let Dale & Ian leave. :(

Heather said...

Bees round a honey pot is the phrase which comes to mind! I bet they all had a great time.
Enjoy your garden visit and day off.


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