Saturday, May 26, 2012

A day in Vancouver

Yesterday we visited the Butchard Gardens which we loved. If we lived here we would buy a year ticket so we could visit whenever we liked. Then we caught the ferry to Vancouver where we have one full day and some left before our long track back home.

Snap happy with photos but o so lovely - loved the Japanese Garden and the whole concept - places like this are just so inspiring and the pleasure you see on people's faces tell it all.

Off to explore Vancouver but a wee bit more student work for you to enjoy

I have got muddled now but it may be Ann's?



The class has given me lots of new ideas and that is the pleasure of teaching and sharing. I love working with layers and ideas and have worked with fabulous teachers myself in the past who have encouraged me to develop my own art and not to just plonk product on product and pretend it is art.

Lecture over


Heather said...

Gorgeous flower photos and the examples of students' work are beautiful.
I remember the way that all the buildings seem to be reflected in each other in Vancouver.

Robin Mac said...

Ooooh and Aaaah - what more can you say, the photo are all lovely, how divine it would be to live near gardens like those. The students' work continues to inspire. Have a safe journey home. Cheers


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