Tuesday, May 01, 2012

lights agoing and a wee bit of progress

I stitched up a page for my little book - the colour is wrong because of the artificial light but the pattern looks good so I am happy. Ian has fixed the light which was on fire - apparently whatever it was is now incinerated and he replaced the two lights not going so I can see in the studio.

My progress has been slow though - the box for Canada is empty - I spent ages packaging 100s of Angelina fibres for someone coming tomorrow to have someone today buy them all. Back to square one. Long day tomorrow. But my kits are all under control - just not packaged. More importantly I have an urge to make these pages so that I will do.

The Dylusions stencils - just the big ones - they are lots of fun - arrived today and actually there were a few new things but they have not got to the web, nor have I finished the newsletter - will try tomorrow - it might be a wee bit late this month. We have a new book and some interesting fabric but they can wait for another day. off to cook the neck of pork with prunes and red wine.

1 comment:

Heather said...

I love your book page - is it layers of machine stitch on Romeo? It has a lovely delicate look. I like that stencil too.
Very gratifying to have someone buy all the Angelina packs but so much more work for you in such a short time to make up more packs.
The pork recipe sounds delicious.


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