Monday, April 30, 2012

tidy studio, busy brain, little action

 Tidied up after my workshop - it is actually good to have to clear because it does clear the head - table is cluttered already though because I am working and planning for Canada. More because I cannot take everything so I am trying to be selective. Then there seemed to be a fire in my light so I had to lock up and leave it for Ian to inspect tomorrow.

When I was in Broome I became a little obsessed with frangipani leaves, imagining that they were bigger, better and fleshier than here but of course they are not. What I have loved it the way they have broken down and I have been drawing them and stitching them etc. At the top is the start of a leaf journal I am working on - Romeo is a good way to get a result. I am hoping to have a few more pages made to take with me to Canada.

Of course I have quite a few other pieces all over the table in various stages - lace pages half stitched and this came out of Saturday's workshop when I was waving foils around. I am beading all around it tonight.

Lots of ideas and not a lot of time but always exciting.


Frederika said...

Its looking very nice.

Heather said...

I love these leaves and your Marrakesh piece.
We nearly had a fire in our reading lamp - it was caused by a collection of flies who had become trapped in the sections of the energy saving bulb!


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