Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In Broome at last

-Well we arrived too late for the sunset on Cable Beach so took one pics in the plane. We missed our flight by 5 minutes for the bags and you have to say the Qantas staff do not seem happy in in their jobs. Anyway 5 and half hours later of hanging around Perth airport and we finally got going!

Another sunset photo but with a bit of coastline

The patterns in the water and on the shoreline were amazing

And one more to make you jealous

But - we are here and fed and wined and Ian has locked the key inside our villa now solved - and the weather is glorious

Some naughty people have emailed their orders for the one-off supa sale which starts tomorrow a day early but I have or given them. We will start processing all the orders in order or receipt on Monday morning. On holiday right now!

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Heather said...

Glorious sunset, even if you weren't on the beach to enjoy it. Hope you weren't too exhausted with all the waiting and then the journey. Have a great time.

DIAN said...

have a great holiday

Doreen G said...

Happy Birthday Dale ---see I do read what you write in your blogs.
Have a great holiday both of you.

Martien van Zuilen said...

wow -five and a half hours @ the could have gone home and done more work! Enjoy the beach!!

Judy said...

Dale & Ian,

No idea you were in Broome, have n't read blog for a while, hope you have a wonderful break.


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