Saturday, April 07, 2012

another holiday day -

 Even though it is a holiday once more we have been working although we had a decent sleep in. I have rather a pile of shushies to package and am working through them rather slowly if only to clear space in the bedroom so I can find my shoes. The left above is tissutex sprayed with colour and twin-needled onto felt - the right is sar ribbon ironed and twin needled onto felt as well. Still deciding what next - I might cut and weave - notsure.

 I popped one of my new texture pieces on top to see how it looks.

And another Kimberley Dreaming piece on velvet on Romeo. Just about worked Romeo out for the moment.
Maybe another sleep in tomorrow it's been amazingly quiet although thieves popped into Frank's garage and stole the copper pipes about 3am this morning. We didn't hear them. There are apparently lots of copper thieves around Perth at present.


Heather said...

If I was burgling in Perth I'd want to sneak into yours and stock up on textile goodies, never mind the copper pipes!
Love the twin needle samples and your textured piece looks very good on the sari ribbon. Love the Romeo sample too.
I free machined quite a good tree onto what I thought was Romeo or similar, only to find that it wasn't!! It was not soluble.

Dorothy said...

I do like your colours, being a country girl,( flattering myself here as the girl as long since past )
I can relate to them. Beautiful and vibrant.


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