Monday, April 09, 2012

Holiday is over

 The Easter holiday is over and I guess all the hundreds of neighbours will start arriving home. Actually many of them have. it has been so nice and quiet. I am feeling very pleased with myself as I have finally finished all the stitching for my next Let's Play book so I can move on to the next thing - it is now all in Ian's capable hands and hopefully will be ready for the printer in a week or two. Above is a little Kimberley Dreaming. If you want to check out my new Artful Journey facebook page you will be able to see lots of Kimberley Dreaming. Needless to say - we have worked right through the long weekend but will be rewarded before too long.

 I packaged heaps and heaps of Slushies - this is Royal Brocade - and it is quite satisfying when a big job is done. Tomorrow I shall be filling the box of goodies for my 2 day workshop in Northhampton (no - not the one near you Shelagh) - getting quite excited and trying a few new ideas which I hope they enjoy, Don't forget the following Sat - 28th - is my Artful Journey workshop  here - there is one vacancy if anyone is interested. Should be lots of fun.
Harley has had a very busy weekend too - eating, playing and sleeping. She must be far more contented as she is sleeping on our bed and not in the fireplace and loves roaming the back garden when we are outside.
It was really foggy this morning - I should have taken a photo.

Hope you all had a lovely relaxing weekend. The highlight of my day today has been discovering how to get rid of the ads on facebook which crop up all the time. Unless you 'like' a page, it keeps reappearing and annoying you.  Bruce told me to try Adblock Plus and it worked. All I can hope is that the people with the ads are paying heaps and now I don't have to see them anymore.

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