Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday night and the BBQ has done its good work

Lamb is resting

Roast kumera, red onions and zucchini with a honey and balsamic dressing

About to eat - good way to finish the week

Artful Workshop tomorrow and then getting ready for Canada. Packing the kits and deciding what to send for the merchant night - the box goes on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Location:Chez Rollerson


Heather said...

Lovely bbq food - it beats grotty burgers and burnt sausages!
Enjoy your trip to Canada.

Doreen G said...

One thing is missing Dale-----me.

floozina said...

Sorry Dale, your lamb doesn't tempt me one bit, but the other dish sure does. Would you mind sharing the recipe please? As a vegetarian I find that life can be a tad boring at times, and honey balsamic glaze (?) sounds wonderful....


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