Thursday, April 19, 2012


 I thought I would revisit the very beginning of my blog writing - back in 2006 or so - I have written a lot since then - could turn it into an autobiography. This was the very first ATC I made using felting needles - sadly someone stole it from my stand at AQC and when you make another it is never the same.

This was it - and I gave it a foot this time so it could always walk home. I do hope the person who stole it has looked after it. Always a little of your soul goes walkabout when part of you vanishes without word.

At that same AQC I handed around a full size sheet of Tissutex all painted and batiked and when it came back it was half the size - some luscious type had torn half of it off - amazing. Hope she or he used it wisely.

And this was the first bigger piece of needlefelting I made - amazing how you change although I am still very fond of this one. I think it is the colours.

I have worked very hard this week and have finally got all the one-off supa sale orders done - not all invoiced as yet but it is quite satisfying after a very busy four days. Thanks to everyone who took advantage of our generous sale. It has been intersting to see what you bought. Hardly a machine thread - wonder what that means?

Now I have a lot of prep to do for my workshop this weekend in Northampton which I am looking forward to - be up bright and early to pack etc - I still want to play with my frangipani leaf and gelli plate first though.
but in the meantime it is wine o'clock and a bbq. The rain from yesterday did not last.


Doreen G said...

I can understand why you don't like doing shows anymore when things like this happen.

Heather said...

Those colours are so rich and glowing. I suppose it is a compliment if someone likes your work enough to steal it, but it's a hard one to accept.
Have a good weekend - hope all goes smoothly.

Judy said...

Hello! Dale,

It's very sad when some people cant keep their hands of others art work. Love the felted pieces, especially the last one with the hands, the colour have a vague relationship to Kimberly Dreaming colours, perhaps that why it special to you. Hope you have great weekend in Northampton doing workshops.

Robin Mac said...

Gosh, was it five years ago - does't seem nearly so long ago! I agree with the others, it is hard to accept that someone has pinched your lovely pieces. I am just catching up on blogs. Cheers

floozina said...

It makes my blood boil when I hear of this sort of thing. Many years ago when I was studying architecture I actually produced some pretty outstanding work (and I only say that because I liked it)and because it was OK it was hung in an exhibition in the library, from where, you guessed it, it disappeared. Two pieces that had taken me ages to do, and as Dale says cannot be replicated. I feel for you.

BTW Judy, I think those colours are more like the Byzantine lot that Dale uses. What do you think Dale?

Downunderdale said...

The wool I used was a rainbow mixture!


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