Thursday, April 05, 2012

phew - it is Thursday

 I just don't know where time goes - we have cut down on shows this year to two so we could concentrate on the website and I could concentrate on my work and stuff but we are so very busy that every day roars by faster than. I package or wind or cut or whatever every day and still always have a long list. Did manage to get up tot he studio to finish this little cover for a little book. The bluey-turqouise is a bit dominant but it does have edges and looks much better in the flesh.

And I have ironed about half of a sari hank in kimberley dreaming - it is so beautiful laid out. I am going to weave some tomorrow. We are not going anywhere for Easter and plan to get quite a few things done. The rain we have had has been wonderful - not much but it clears the air, makes the birds happy and the smell of the trees is great in the mornings.

I am also planning a few new ideas for my Artful Journey workshop in 2 weekends up in Northhampton - really looking forward to it. I have a one day one here on 28th which has now got a vacancy as someone had to pull out so if anyone is interested. It is only 1 day but I am planning for us to try to complete a wee tag book as a start to an artful journey.

The other night we went to a fabulous concert - Handel's Messiah - the Dublin version - it was exceptionally good - St George's Cathedral Consort were superb - the small orchestra led by Paul Wright also superb and Fiona Campbell - the mezzo soprano - was outstanding. We thoroughly enjoyed it. While I have heard the Messiah many times and sung in choirs performing it, I thought this performance was one of the best.

Just watched the Blues lose their rugby game but looking forward to a few good games this weekend - here we will go to watch the Chiefs vs the Force tomorrow - should be an excellent game. But I am hoping to do a lot of creative stuff beforehand.


Doreen G said...

I love the Kimberly Dreaming silks must get me some of those.
Bet you thought that I had fallen off the twig.

Maggi said...

I like the turquoise, it sort of glows from the centre.

Heather said...

Love the book cover and the sari silk colours. Don't know how you manage to post so often when you have so much else to do. I haven't posted for over a week now - lazy woman!
I first heard the Messiah on records years ago, but the first live performance gave me goosebumps - wonderful singing by amateurs from my home town.

Julie said...

The Kimberley Dreaming looks fabulous ironed out. Such wonderful colours!

Robin Mac said...

I love the book cover, and of course the Kimberley Dreaming is magic when it is ironed out and displayed like that. Have avery happy and creative Easter. Cheers

Judy said...

H1! Dale,

Lovely,lovely book cover, the flowers seem to float, could it be the strength of the bluey-turqouise that makes them appear s. Kimberly Dreaming Sari Ribbons delicious, love to be tempted but too much on my plate. Isn't the Messiah wonderful, no matter where or how many times I hear it it stops me in my tracks. I remember my mum sang in the Messiah in Melbourne once in her life and talked about all her life.


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