Thursday, May 03, 2012

Trip to Canada getting closer

 The box of stuff for Canada left today so it means that our departure is getting closer. Hidden in that box are the workshop kits surrounded by lovelies for the market night which I hope people will like. Flimsies on the top. We have a new Sari Ribbon to match Kimberley Dreaming and Arabian Nights - Indian Splendour this time. Hoping Jacinta might get a couple more done and to me before we go not that there will be much room in the suitcases. It is always a relief once you finish a task like that - I had to make some executive decisions not knowing what people might like. Now I can get back to more workshop organisation and some stitching and stuff and an article to do before we go.

 I have stitched another page for my little water soluble book. This is the cover - 2 layers of stitch so it is quite dense and the back of the cover is that luscious velvet/flimsie texture. If I finish it I will take it with me.

The two pages so far- I can't move these photos - the top one I have stitched a grid and lots of rows of leaves - well it is a bush piece. The bottom one is the page I showed the other day but in its proper colours. I love stitching on Romeo I must say.

We have had more new lovely goodies - the Lumiere 3D paint and glue which I haven't had time to play with as yet. We have it in all 24 colours and also some in blister packs with 3 different tips. It looks fabulous. And we also received the Mul-Tex - a very interesting mulberry fibrous paper laminated.. I am hoping to have a wee play tomorrow.

Do check out the SAQA studio blog hop - I have put a tab at the top so you can go see lots of interesting studios.


Heather said...

Those flimsies are so gorgeous. There'll be a stampede on market night!
Love your pages and don't know how you manage to get so much of your own work done when you are so busy with other things.
The new goodies sound great.

Judy said...


Always love what you do with Romeo, I really must give it a try; not doing much waiting for cataract surgery, then I'm going to ntry everything I can. Canada is pretty close, hope it's a good trip.


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