Sunday, May 26, 2013


Having fun with texture today - lots of stitch and yarn and paint

Last night was actually a fundraising ball - lovely evening meeting old and new friends - we were almost the only non Calabrians at the event but the food was atrocious. Indelible and I didn't - I would have thought an embarrassment to all the wonderful Italian nonnas - shan't mention who the caterer was.

Martien van Zuilen has accepted my invite to be guest textile artist for day one of the best craft show in Perth first weekend in August. Check the show tag at the top of the page. She is a fantastic felt maker well worth coming to see.


Heather said...

Love your textured piece. What a pity the awful food accompanied a fund-raising event. There's no excuse for that in these enlightened times.

Amanda said...

We were at a rather good corporate day a few weeks ago and the food was absolutely inedible there too. But we didn't say anything. Makes you wonder if they will ever improve if nothing is said.


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