Wednesday, October 31, 2012

and where have you been, Dale?

 Well actually not very far. This has been quite an exhausting week and it is only Wednesday. Very well organised by the end of Sunday in that I had most of the orders under control, the washing done, the bags unpacked and all of that sort of thing but things have got more involved since then. Somehow Monday vanished with magazines roaring in and other parcels of stuff. Tuesday the boxes from London arrived - there always must be a problem - everything got there so easily so we should have known there would be some way to extract money from us. Good old quarantine decided to have a peep inside for the princely sum of $150.55 and when they arrived, every box was in a  shocking condition - ripped down the sides and not packed at all as I had - since it is me who packs them and who would ever put heavy boxes of Khadi books on top of delicate things.....?????  The thread stand pole was sticking out of two sides of the box and the damage had been 'noted'. Fortunately still in the same nick as before.
Anyway I unpacked everything yesterday and got it all laid out mostly on the poor old kitchen floor - again. Then I cooked a lovely curry and when I sat down to relax I nearly fell asleep - it was at that point in time I realised I had really been working hard. Here are all the khadi books - we have the spiro and bound ones again and bigger zigzag books (not that many I see) and some lovely little jute notebooks which had caught my eye.

 Her ladyship has been helping Ian by making it difficult for him to actually use his computer but today after sleeping on my pillow for most of the day, she graced him with her presence. I think basically she is happy that we are back.

 This year there was very little returning stuff in the boxes and lots of new goodies or restocking goodies. I picked up lots of delightful little tins of sequins - these are the red sets - 9 little jars of excitement. I love it when i find something exciting. This year I really roamed the venue with beady eyes.

 These are not the luscious silk laps we are hand dyeing but rather crinkly ones from the cocoons - have only had time to drool at them. And there is lots more which will slowly emerge and hot the website.

One of the three mags to arrive is the latest Somerset Studio and we also got Cloth Paper Scissors and Stitch Gifts. We have sent out all the subs etc and there are a few of each still available.
Since Sunday I have not even unlocked the studio door but I really have loads to do on the weekend so I think I shall abandon work so I can. I have a notebook packed with ideas which need trying out and exploring.
I have written my part of the newsletter and Ian should have it ready tomorrow - he is working like a slave as well and will be endeavouring to get all  the new goodies up as fast as he can.
Two things though - November is Fibres Month and throughout the month we will have little treats on offer on the website. Just go here Fibres Month each day or so to see what is on offer (I see he has been generous and started before the 1st of Nov)
Also on 24th November is our Fibres Day - in the back garden of The Thread Studio 10am to 2pm - I will add a flyer for that as soon as I can.
Now I am stopping for the day and tonight I am not marking prices on bags and bags of threads or labelling stuff - we are off to Il Pasto for dinner.


Robin Mac said...

I thought life had been pretty hectic here till I read your blog, hoe on earth do you keep your eyes propped open? I love the picture of Harley helping Ian! Hope you have enjoyed your dinner out. cheers

Heather said...

Harley is obviously unfazed by all the hard work! That's the trouble with going away - too much noses to the grind stone when you get back! Have a nice relaxing evening.

Anonymous said...

You both have certainly enjoyed your dinner out after all that work. Hope that you manage to wind down a little and get working on some of those ideas.


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