Friday, October 26, 2012

Where have the days gone to?

Our couple of days in London have flown by. We went to the National Portrait Gallery - it's a great place to visit.

We went to Moro - fabulous restaurant - with Grant and Hannah and Annette and Terry

Got Ian to take some pics. - somehow he missed Annette

Wine for Val

My dessert - rose petal and cardomon ice cream

Today we went to the Hollywood Costume Exhibition - really wonderful and course saw Dorothy's red shoes

And this morning we went off to get 40 dozen chiffon scarves

Tomorrow we fly home


Heather said...

If you just sat around being bored and doing nothing your time would pass more slowly! However, your way of passing time sounds much more interesting and fun. Hope your journey home is a good one.

4S said...

If they make chiffon scarves, why can't you buy chiffon on the roll? Does anybody know the answer to this one?


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