Thursday, March 19, 2015

transferring images

 I like transferring images of mine and Ian's photos onto my work and I also rarely look for perfect copy becasue, of course, nature isn't perfect. If I want really good clear images then I use TAP - Transfer Artist Paper - which gives the very best results - and believe me - over time I have tried lots of different ones. However I also have a few other favourite methods of transferring my images - i personally prefer not to use gels and other mediums but sometimes you just want to try something else.

Water soluble paper - which I have used to print on many times and to stitch on and wash out parts etc etc - then I came across a video made by Liz Kettle water soluble transfer using the paper to transfer images using a gel medium and I thought I would try it - I have seen it used to transfer images to soap whihc has fascinated me but as I don't make soap I haven't tried it. But I did try a few a while back and I wasn't happy at all with my efforts - maybe I was expecting too much. However the other day I decided to give it one last shot. The above is one of my pohutakawa photos and it mostly worked except right in the middle where the paper lifted but I can work around all of that.

Then I did a couple of others - Broome and Okarito where as you can see there are quite a few holes. Maybe more than I expected. But you could work around them.

Next I tried a few more and I am pretty happy with most of these - above is me in Marrakesh  and it is possibly the most successful.

 This is a drawing in Marrakesh

and a photo from Marrakesh

 and two of the donkey - first one I forgot to reverse the image and of course it worked best of all and then I reversed it and not so happy. But it does make the background look rather fragmented and worn which I like.

However I am pleased with my efforts - the old permission to play - and my little stash of images will be used in different places with added anything that takes my fancy. I transferred all of these onto polycotton. I found that once they were dry I could run them under the tap and wet them and have a go at removing the top fibrous bits. they do all feel a little too firm on my stash but I think plenty of manipulating might do the trick.


Heather said...

If I had results as good as that I'd be very happy. I am trying to pluck up the courage to print onto specially prepared fabric, and hoping that my printer will play nicely.

Unknown said...

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