Sunday, March 08, 2015

forever behind

2015 is so far proving to be a busy year and we have somehow got ourselves behind and only catching up slowly. Our little sojourn in Sydney was wonderful (apart from the humidity) - on the Sunday Grant had us walk down to the yacht club - well it was downhill and was actually a very nice walk apart from the fact that I struggled to see much with the sweat running down my specs. But - the main thing is I did survive and enjoyed the time away and we enjoyed the sailing etc and checking out Grant and Hannah's new house.

Since then - not sure - seem to be packaging and cutting and rolling and filling orders etc and in between getting a few little bits and pieces done. With the Hurricanes winning their 3rd game out of 3 - that is a  wonderful start - we went to the game here and the Force were a bit woeful - I enjoyed the game very much have to say. And I suddenly got a tiny bit interested in the cricket last weekend too (I think it was last weekend).

On Tuesday we went to Chilli Orange which is Kim and Anthony's restaurant - we used to go to Koinonia and Wot the Pho pretty often but this is only our second visit. it was lovely to see them and the food was wonderful as always. This was our scallop entree - very nice indeed.

 I have started a little series of work from our wonderful time in Marrakesh - there will be loads when I have finished and I plan to pop them in a little book as usual - I am playing at present with silk fibres and photos we took and stitch - not particularly clear but a record.

This is another and in a way it is a development of an idea that I have with technique - so far it is working very well.

 This one is waiting to grow

And my Graphitints because I have been using them on the surfaces - one of my favourites and about the only pencils I actually use.

Sadly we have had to cancel our Broome Retreat - sent out the newsletter to day but there will always be great things happening. I am teaching at the Berry Quilt Retreat in August and am amazed to hear how the bookings are going. I am in the process of persuading Ian to come and trade. I have been working on new workshops or rather changing some and adding others. It isn't so much about howmany classes i might get but more about what I am developing.


Heather said...

Love those Marrakesh pieces. I haven't come across those particular Derwent pencils but have others by Derwent.

Penny said...

Sad about Broome but not my year for it.


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