Saturday, March 31, 2012

rugby and romeo and a new restaurant

This week has been spent counting, sorting and packaging. Actually I must admit that most weeks are spent this way but it is Saturday afternoon and the kitchen bench is free of fibre, fabric and other stuff much to Ian's delight. Watched rugby and used the time to package slushies and silk tops - sadly the Hurricanes lost but the first half was terrific and fast. four games today so skipping one because the Force are playing at the park. A few people have asked what team Ian is going for - at this stage - it is the Chiefs so of course he was delighted with their win. I have been up working on Romeo - nearly finsihed all that I am doing but this is for a book cover. Finish it tomorrow.

 This is stitching knitting ribbon to make a braid. It's so easy on Romeo becasue it is so stable.

 And this I stiole from Shelagh's blog - she said it reminded her of Provence and it does for me too - love the fleur-di-lys on the glass. Absolutely inspiring. Thanks Shelagh - it is fabulous and i wish it was nearby for me to see.

We went to a new restaurant on Wed - El Publico - Mexican in Beaufort Street - it was opening night so we went early before all the crowds rocked up. Great food and wine. Worth a visit.

I have written my share of the newsletter so it should be ready tomorrow.
Off to see if the Force can win tonight....


Heather said...

Good luck with the next rugby game. Love the Romeo samples and that beautiful window. You seem to be blessed with good restaurants near you.

Annie said...

Go the Force!!
Enjoyed the game on Saturday. Wish they could play like that all the time!


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