Monday, March 12, 2012

It's monday

 I have started work on my big Romeo piece - doesn't look much as yet but it is a start - the textured leaf will sit on top I think but some embossing before all of that. It is still very hot here but right now in the early evening it has eased of and we shall sit outside before too long. Autumn MUST arrive before too long

What did arrive were the new Tee Juice pens. There are now 16 colours and in in fine, medium and thick. I have been waiting for some time for these. We have even been able to reduce the price on the thick ones. The new 8 are pastel which makes a great contrast with the original 8. Have a look at the website to see them all.
And at last by slow coach came the latest Embellish magazine. Some have gone tonight and the rest will go tomorrow.  Maybe the latest Down Under Textiles will rock up tomorrow....

Ian is calling me for my glass of white so off I go


Heather said...

The Romeo piece is looking good and I love your 'signature' leaf.
I'm enjoying Embellish magazine and was so pleased to find it available here in the UK.
We are just beginning to warm up so maybe you will start to cool down.

Robin Mac said...

I hope you cool down soon Dale, early mornings are lovely here now. I like your Romeo piece, something different. Cheers

Judy said...


Love the look of the Romeo piece, look forward to the finish.


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