Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting ready for my Silk Stuff workshop tomorrow

 Well I am really. Jacinta sent a big bag of wet soggy silk and wool today - she said it is raining and stormy in Melbourne and things don't take long in our garden. The wool is all dry and packaged and the silk is getting there. This is Wintergreen - a mix of both tussah and mulberry.
Then I thought I would do a little more work on my piece - it has ended up on its side though. About to do lots of beading I think. And some hand stitching. All the Romeo has been washed out.

Actually the studio is almost ready - we are going to work with loads of different silk fibres and rods and cocoons etc - hopefully it will be a good day - and of course adding lots of colour. I am not so good with pristine white.


Heather said...

Your Romeo piece is beautiful Dale, and the workshop sounds 'right up my street' - pity it isn't really!! I'm sure everyone will have a great day.

Judy said...

Dale, Hope your Workshop goes really well, love to be there. The piece of art work is delicious, it will be even more so with brading and stitching, you a such a clever person, full of ideas.

Dorothy said...

Love the Romeo piece!


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