Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stitch Cloth Shimmer and Shine

Nothing to do with the weather which is much better today but only suitable for trying on new red shoes to make sure they fit okay and are they comfortable so I cannot wait until it is cold enough to wear them. Floozina - they really are red - I am rather impartial to red shoes and for those people who ask - they are Arche and I have a few other pairs and they are so very comfortable and last forever. You can wear them all day. You just need to recover from the inital outlay of money.

No - what really excited me today was Sarah Lawrence's latest and sadly last book which arrived today - true Sarah style and I can hear her talking as I looked through.

The Stampington magazines are proving to be very popular with Artjournaling selling straight away so I hav ordered another round with a few requests.

Harley has helped herself to a ball of yarn and is having a field day. mmm....


Maggi said...

A friend of Sarah's brought some to our Area Day recently and I couldn't resist buying it. It certainly has Sarah's voice and, as always is inspirational.

Judy said...


Red shoes! I adore them, but the arthitis in my feet dont agree with them, they must be a joy to wear. Love the look of Sarah Lawrence's book; I've been making plain comforting quilts for a while must be about time for some simmer and glimmer. I just bet Harley must be having a wow of a time.

Craft Arena said...

Isn't it a great book? I think it will become a classic! x


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