Saturday, March 03, 2012

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I had to cancel my Romeo workshop which was to run today but it is on instead on June 23rd  but the upshot is that I have a tidy studio and time to develop a few more ideas. I decided to use the Gelli plate to create a monoprint on Romeo - I tried a few different things and was very pleased with how it went. I cut the top part out and laid it on a piece of fabric - which I had coloured with paint and shiva sticks and stitch the painted Romeo on it. Very pleased with the results.

 You could just paint on the surface but you do get a much better rise of paint this way and when you wash it out most of the paint stays. It doesn't have to be perfect.

 I have been quite a bit more romeo playing but this is just a  little panel not yet washed out.

We have had a good weekend of rugby watching - really enjoyed that the Chiefs and the Highlanders won and of course the Hurricanes. Had to get up early this morning to watch that one. Next week they are here to play the Force at our park.

It's a long weekend in Western Australia this weekend so it is quiet. I could say they have all gone to Margaret River but I think it is more like Bali. Much cheaper.

I have been honoured to be the guest on
The Sketchbook Challenge
 today - I feel a bit of a fraud because I am not a sketcher so much as a player as you will know if you follow this blog. But I guess so long as it leads to filling my journals and turning stuff into stitch and enjoying it all - that is the main thing.


Heather said...

Those Romeo experiments are very interesting and innovative.
I found your Sketchbook interview very heartening as I am nervous of drawing and it was good to hear from someone else who doesn't draw much but has such talent anyway.
Enjoy your rugby.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Enjoyed seeing your Romeo experiments, gave me something to think about putting the gelli plates, romeo and fabric together. Loved your interview on Skechtbook Challenge, didn't feel so intimidated as I do sometimes, and you are so right we must be ourselves and do it our own way. It was great to see you on Sketchbook Challenge.

Penny said...

I find these romeo experiments very interesting, just wish I could actually see them, I think my eyes are going although the new monitor seems to have better colour than the old one, have resorted to my closer glasses, just have to remember to take them off befoe I get up or I get giddy! Pains of being older.I enjoyed your interview.

Robin Mac said...

I clicked the link to see your interview, which I thoroughly enjoyed and then forgot to come back to comment! Your experiments with Romeo look fascinating. Enjoy your quiet weekend. Cheers

Lynette (NZ) said...

Love your silvery panel on the romeo - don't forget to share when you wash it away :-)


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