Thursday, March 08, 2012

International Women's Day

 Today is International Women's Day which should be significant but I wonder if it really is. Things don't change - Australia has a female prime minister but you do wonder if she really is her own person - the same f course could be said about any leader of course.

The piece above is for Lynette - I have washed out my sampler and lain it on my precious piece of Ironbark Velvet so that you can see I have made no progress there whatsoever.

Here I have ironed some TAP printed images onto Evolon and overlaid them with one of my Gelli prints on tissutex - those lovely clouded layers.

I went to the dentist today for my annual visit and as hard as he worked, he couldn't find anything wrong so after the usual 'you could have implants and crowns and whatever' (every time) he had to admit all was well. I told him I had spent all my money on new specs and replacement lens for broken ones.

Judy - the velvet for the Kimberley Dreaming piece - the flowers I embossed on with a stamp and some paint.

My Paris Shoes journal has been invited to be in a magazine but do you think i can find it to post it off? It has to be in the studio somewhere......

Finally tonight - we are having a limited time special of Angelina fibres - a 100gram pot luck of all varieties and colours for almost half price - $40. I am tackling the area in the warehouse where Angelina lives and tidying it up so I made a heap of these bags today and they will be available at his excellent price until they have gone. The area is looking tidier already!

Tonight Bruce and Kaz are taking us out for Ian's birthday to the Fat Dragon - very nice.


jill said...

I love the sampler at the top,

Heather said...

Your sampler is stunning, and the printed Evolon too.
Isn't it lovely when the dentist can't find anything to do?
Hope the journal turns up in time and enjoy your evening out.

Judy said...


Thanks for info on Kimberly Dreaming, I thought they might be stamped they came out so well I wasn't sure, they look as if they float on top. Int. Womens Day, seemed to pass without a whimper which is sad. I read on the site of Afgan women and there problems, and wondered if they will ever get better conditions. I love the peice with Evolon overlays the are beautiful. Hope you find your Paris Shoe Journal, as I remember some of your peice we saw for it were rather gorgeous.

Robin Mac said...

Well, I am two days late in commenting so I really hope you have found your Paris journal by now. The sample at the top is yummy, but I love the evolon piece. that is fascinating fibre, fabric? I see you are still enduring very hot weather over there so I hope you can hide in the air conditioning again! Cheers

Lynette (NZ) said...

Gorgeous sampling - it looks divine on the velvet :-)


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