Wednesday, March 05, 2008

lose some, win some

Okay you win some and lose some. DHL lied - they said overnight but when I checked the tracking (oh the wonder of the internet) I found my book didn't leave Perth until 1.30 this afternoon. New promise - tomorrow. Hope you are reading this Robyn. However we paid big bucks for an overnight service so now we have to chase them up for a refund!

Good news - you may remember I mentioned our inedible meal on Qantas a couple of weeks ago - well I thought I would write an email complaining but doubting anything would happen. Amazingly I got a letter with a $100 travel voucher. Janet De Boer has alerted me to the problem someone else had trying to redeem this voucher, so well armed, I rang and confirmed that I could use it against our trip to London in October. Janet is a heroine and will get her due rewards.

Next - I said that Rod Stewart was performing here before too long and couldn't possibly be as loud as Police - I was right and he wasn't . Tonight we have had a lovely bbq - the weather is just right and Rod performed most of the tunes we know him for including one of the ones we know Tom Waits for.

Liz - you have stirred up a hornet's nest - I really do sleep and I am basically a time waster - I always think I could get so much more done if I stopped playing solitaire. I have been counting thread and books today but I couldn't resist playing some more with my Marrakech theme. I ironed some Gossamer Fuse to black felt and sprayed it with Moonshadow Mist and Glitz Spritz and then stitched a napkin to the surface. Not sure what it will be - maybe a bag, a book, a vessel interior - watch this space. You should be able to see that I have stitched Marrakech and rubbed away the napkin where there is no stitch.

Tomorrow I hope to get more work on my HH stuff - twin needling and pintucks with a difference.

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Frances said...

Dale how dreadful that DHL did not give the service you paid for but sadly typical, I just read ahead and see it still had not arrived hope is there now,
I like what you are doing with the marrakech piece,
I have both the Janet Arnold books from my theatre costume days they are good and beautiful line drawings,


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