Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday roaming

Out on my walk this morning I came across this wonderful gate which Ian told me about - it's possibly more like a double door but is obviously used as a gate. Interesting house being renovated like many in our area (we live in a very eclectic environ)

Then I popped down the laneway near Grant's where I revisited this fantastic house all tucked away - I photographed their door for my doors but I now see that all their windows and door are in this same shape. You would never know this house is there.

This is Hyde Park - yes we have our own in Perth - we go walking around it regularly and this morning people were having bbqs (at 7am) . These days the water level is pretty low but it is still frequented by lots of walkers, ducks and the like - very busy park. Very European with Oak trees and stuff.

Believe it of not - this is a pelican - you can see photography was not my best subject at school.

On the way back I passed this house with a great door and gate - there are quite a number of interesting gates around here.

What a response to the scrim bundles. Because I got lots of orders I had to cut and roll all of them. 8 different lots. Ian is waiting for the battery to recharge and will photograph them in the morning and you will be able to see them in the catalogue in Fab Bits under Natural Bits. He has been busy doing other things like tarting up the Hand threads department today so the Wild Women Challenge is still to come.

Still nice and quiet around and about but they will all come home tomorrow. I have been stocktaking and working on the embellisher as well as cutting and rolling.


Unknown said...

BBQ at 7am! Mad people :)

artisbliss said...

Love the photos of other peoples' doors and windows. Probably means I'm nosy.

Maureen said...

It's an Aussie thing Helen!I even know of one Aged care facility that has a weekly bbq breakfast in the park for its more mobile residents.
Dale it's so sad to see Hyde Park with low water is Queens Garden faring?

Helen said...

Hi Dale

I met a lady called Raewyn Alderton in the weekend. She said you used to teach in Tokoroa in another life. So did I. When were you there?


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