Sunday, March 30, 2008

AWOL once again

I have been a bit errant about writing my blog but it does seem to have been busy. Thursday night - out with Val and Jim to San Marco and Friday there were 3 rugby games although I only watched 2. The Hurricanes played pretty well but were beaten by the Crusaders who are having a very good season. Then The Force just can't win at home - they looked very dejected at the end of the game. We didn't go live - we went to Bruce and Kazuko's - just as well. Saturday we watched another 2 games so lots of rugby this weekend.

Jessica came over from Sydney for the weekend - the Jack Johnson concert was at our park so we had a family bbq plus a couple at home. In the end they decided listening to Jack Johnson on the Sonos was a better idea.

Today we have been lazy although the April newsletter is ready to go - amazing! and I have been playing around making easy peesy silk paper - I have created a kit and having fun making papers from gummy silk noils and gummy throwsters waste. This is not the silk paper known mostly nowadays as silk fusion (because you are fusing it with a textile medium - aka a glue) but using the silk fibres which have the gum still in them - applying colour (I have used Starburst Stains) or just water and ironing the fibres makes a paper. More a paper than a fabric so another thing really. I have been punching shapes and reapplying and also adding scrim and metallic flakes. It is nice to stitch onto as well. As well as that I am working pretty furiously to finishing my entry for Stitched and Bound. Hope to have that pretty well done tomorrow.

Daylight saving ran out this morning and at 5.30 it is getting dark so we will lose our lovely long nights pretty fast - we have been sitting out until quite late for along time - sometimes not eating until after 9pm. Love the long evenings.

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artisbliss said...

Gorgeous. You seem to work a lot in my favorite palettes, ie hot colors. In fact, I have to be really intentional about using cooler colors.


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