Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Stuff

The weather has improved in that it tried to rain but it is quite muggy. I called in to see Grant
and Simon working on the house and they were busy putting the roof on the back in case it rained. No such luck actually. Only a thought.

Then I went off to see Lyn
She loaned me this book by Janet Arnold - Patterns of Fashion. It's a fabulous resource too - lots of detail. Actually she loaned me a few others to keep me busy.
We finished the newsletter and sent it out so that makes us feel a bit sanctimonious. Yes I know it is a little late but I did say a couple of days into March. I will be on time for April though. I am trying to find what I wrote about the Wild Women and Friends Challenge to save my starting it all again. No luck as yet. It should be up on the web tomorrow though.

DHL are not our favourites. Last check on the net it was cleared through customs in Auckland at 11am and still had a way to travel. Not arrived tonight. Boy are we unimpressed.

After all this excitement we are off to Luigi and Martine's for dinner. I did a bit of stitching but not enough to show. Busy getting the new D-Link working - I am back in action up in the studio and the Sonos is working again so we can listen to some of our 6000 tunes once more. There is a new flat screen skinny tv lying on its back on our coffee table waiting for Grant to do whatever he is going to do to it. Rome was not built in a day.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Sorry about DHL - awful looking forward to things and having to wait and wait.
Next Wed 12th some of us are going to post pictures of "Doors"
I'd love to see Australian ones.


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