Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doors in my Environs

Today I have been out and about photographing doors in my neighbourhood. The thing about doors is you always wonder what goes on behind the door. Do you remember the song 'The Green Door'? This one is our front door which has glorious lead light.

Below is a gym just around the corner which went bust. Not sure why they have pasted white paper inside the doors as there is nothing inside. And a graffiti artist has popped by to add his/her tag.

This strange looking door is the door to our lockup. We wanted to keep the sun out and also create some more storage space so we taped tin foil to the glass. It works a treat if hardly salubrious!

Next I found an art deco building - home of a funeral parlour. Lots of interesting things going on behind there for sure.

Called around to Grant's and this is the door to his bedroom - his house is making great progress.Nothing much behind this door at present though, apart from spare boards and paint tins.

Went down the lane behind his house and found some little gems - this is a lovely arched door on a balcony. Haven't been there before. Perth (well, around our area) has lots of interesting little lane ways - they were originally for the nightwatchman to call and collect.

The door at the local church - this style of brickwork we have on our back door area too.

Then off to the Luxe Bar - I am not likely to find out what goes on behind this door but it is pretty busy at night and huge queues wait to get in.

The door at Lincoln's Cafe near us where we like to go for coffee.

The Greek Orthodox church just up the road.

Finally, just down from us is an old police station , used for road safety and stuff but now most of it seems to be a giant car park for police to leave their cars. Means there are always police around the area. This is the ladies and gents so we should know what goes on behind these 2 doors!

Do go and visit lots of other doors today. Pop over to Elizabeth's site - The House in Marrakesh in my links and you will see her doors and then to Frank's in Mexico - I tried to load the list but I lost this post 3 times so have given up!


Gemma Wiseman said...

What an unusual mix of doors and love all your comments to go with each one.

I have lived on the east coast of Oz all my life but have yet to travel west.

Always interested in new places!

Fascinating post!


Anonymous said...

Such a wide variatey of doors.
I love the first one, it is so colourful.

My door post was posted this morning.

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful way to get to know your town.
I am very nosy.
i always want to know what's going on everywhere!

Barbara said...

Interesting doors and all very different.

artisbliss said...

How cool Dale, and why am I not surprised that your front door has such individual personality!! I wasn't going to photograph doors but I may, given this inspiration.

virtual nexus said...

Lovely collection of doors - so varied. This theme is a real eye opener!

Anonymous said...

What a great collection! So much fun to see your neck of the woods down under. Thanks for playing along!


Unknown said...

These little neighborhood tours are so much fun...little glimpses through doors into other worlds!

Leslie said...

What a wonderfully eclectic bunch of doors you put together here. How fun!

Ambera said...

Such a wide variety! I love the top one with the stained glass.

artisbliss said...

I have posted doors on my blog as well. Have a look!

Sue Krekorian said...

Hi, Dale! Love your front door and all the others, too. Best wishes.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I enjoyed your tour of some "down under" doors! And your front door is fabulous - maybe you will treat us to a photo of what it looks like from the inside with the light shining through??? So many gorgeous colors!

You have quite an array of doors here. Oh, I wanted to also ask, what is a lockup?? To my American ears that is slang for jail house!


Sherry said...

You found quite a mix of doors on your's amazing how many kinds of doors there are -- and as always -- the mystery (with the exception of the loo doors!!) is - what goes on behind those doors!

Penny said...

too hot to go looking for doors here at the moment, I looked at Perths temps with envy. I did a series of people's mail boxes a while ago, I hadnt realised there were so many different ones. I have done a few doors but now you have reminded me!

Doreen G said...

Great door photos Dale---did anyone stop you to ask what you were doing?

Unknown said...

Outstanding series and one of my favorite themes!

Frank Gardner said...

An interesting way to show us around your area. Thanks for the door tour Dale.

Anonymous said...

I love your door photos. All of them!


Anat Aderet said...

WOW! your blog is so nice!
I wish you all the best,


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