Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yes I have been awol for a few days. On Monday we were just so busy that I didn't even manage to get to Embroidery in the afternoon. Everyone must have been buying up large before Easter.
And on Tuesday and Wednesday I went with a few goodies to the WA Quilters monthly meetings. I haven't been out and about with goodies like this for a long time and I must have agreed when they asked me in a weak moment. It is not really worth it although it is nice to catch up with people and have a chat but we really can't afford the time. So creatively - here I am down the shute. I did almost finish a Wild Woman though - just her shoes to pop on then I can get the WW Challenge on the road.

Here are a couple of pics of the Eucalyptus in flower just outside the window in the front garden - when I am at the computer reading, deleting and answering emails, I can see the birds as busy as can be out in this tree. I never know the real names of the trees (biology and botany were never my thing) but it's a lovely time of the year when they flower. Right now the light is shining through the tree and making magnificent shadows.

We have just had a huge shipment of gummy silk cocoon strippings and gummy silk waste and Jacinta has dyed some up for me - this is a super pile of "sheets" - not sure how I will sell them - maybe by weight - but they will be fabulous for working into. I am putting together a kit using the fibres which will be ready for my next newsletter (yes April is creeping up) but this is easy peasy silk paper - no textile medium required.

This one Jacinta has laid the fibres out and dyed them in Ironbark. it looks so fab in the real. What I have been doing is laying out the fibres and spraying with Moonshadow and friends - ironing it makes your paper.

What am I reading? I am a prolific reader and always seem to have a stack of books on the go. Apart from Contemporary Knitting (Ruth Lee) which I pick up just before lights out, I am also enjoying these 4 - first one is writings about Wellington which I picked up in NZ last time I was over.

This is a lovely anthology of Medieval Love Poetry I found at the British Museum last year. you can see I enjoy the Medieval and Elizabethan periods.

This is another little gem I like to pick up and read a bit and absorb a bit - I saw someone reading it on the underground one time when we were in London and bought it at the next bookshop. Full of all sorts of interesting information about the real people of the time.

I am not a mad poetry reader but always love Janet Frame so I just delve in and out.

Still working on the pintucking - don't expect a pristine piece as you have to remember that Elizabeth 1 lived a long time ago.

Somehow I told Cherry last night that I would enter a piece in Stitched and Bound - by the 3rd April. Sometimes I think I am crazy..... It's going to be Marrakesh based.

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artisbliss said...

I used some dyed silk rods, pulled apart, on my last embellished piece and was really happy with the effect. I plan to explore that route more.

I read a lot, too, usually at bedtime to slow my brain down enough to sleep. You have a wider range of "reading for enjoyment" literature than I do. I read murder mysteries almost exclusively. Probably sublimination, I don't know.


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