Tuesday, March 11, 2008

caring folk

You are all such caring folk and I have appreciated all the advice about wearing a hat in the sun and making sure I had sun block on etc etc . Mandy sent me a selection of hats. Which one would I choose? I am sure we would have been organised if we had realised that we would be in extreme sunshine - should have been smarter and known that no-one would pay for seats in the sun, surely.

Monika sent me a photo today of fruit blossoms in the Rhine Valley - apricots and I can almost taste them. Thanks so much. I thought it was cooling down but it has hotted up again.

Tomorrow is door day - click on The House in Marrakesh in my links and you will be able to see lots of interesting doors, I am sure. I am off in the morning to photograph some around and about my environs so call back tomorrow and see.

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